In the past two hundred years, communication methods have evolved from letters and telegraphs to the modern standards of wireless electronic communications – emails, cell phones, and the mobile office.

The telecommunications industry is constantly changing. In the past two hundred years, communication methods have evolved from letters and telegraphs to the modern standards of wireless electronic communications – emails, cell phones, and the mobile office. Businesses that want to keep on the cutting edge of telecommunications solutions – business phone systems, VoIP phone service, surveillance camera systems, cabling, video conferencing, paging systems, and more – need look no further than ACC Telecom to help build a future of communications for their business.

ACC Telecom’s History

ACC Telecom was established in 1987, after branching out from the Harbor City Corporation (HCC), a business machine and supply company founded in 1979 by Barry and Susan Hunt. The Hunts received recognition for excellence in sales and service for 10 years of service, but wanted to expand their services beyond being a simple supply company.

In the 1980’s, Mr. & Mrs. Hunt established ACC Telecom, headquartered in Frederick, Maryland (MD) to serve the Maryland, Virginia (VA) and Washington D.C. areas. ACC Telecom quickly grew to the area’s leader in business phone system installations, service and voice and data cable infrastructures.

In 1991, ACC Telecom’s fast-growing client base created the need for a more centralized location. In order to better serve the Baltimore, Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, DC corridor, Mr.& Mrs. Hunt selected Columbia, Maryland. The Columbia headquarters allows ACC Telecom to efficiently support the needs of their customers.

ACC Telecom is a Premium Certified Toshiba Partner, a Select Cisco Partner and a Comcast Business Class Solutions Provider. ACC Telecom has gathered 100’s of certifications through Toshiba and Cisco over three decades in the telecommunication sector. Their certifications consist of IP communications technical support and installation to application and system solution selling. Additionally, their vendor relationships with IP telephone system manufacturers such as Cisco and Toshiba provide ACC Telecom the ability to offer customers the best value in their business communication solutions.

Our Services

ACC Telecom specializes in small business to large business voice and data communications. They are one of the leading businesses for Voice and Data Cabling, Communications Systems Installation, Network Design and Installation, Carrier Services, and Surveillance. ACC Telecom can help a business design the perfect solution to fit the business’s vision and future goals. As part of their service packages, they offer free site surveys and consulting recommendations, free price comparisons with current carriers/vendors, and free customized solution designs and quotes.

ACC Telecom supports its customers 24-7, 365 days a year – whether it is a call to their help desk or a call for emergency service after business hours. ACC Telecom will meet a business’s needs and exceed their expectations. ACC Telecom values its customers and appreciate the trust put in given to them in selecting ACC Telecom to be a business’s #1 communications provider.  ACC Telecom currently supports Toshiba, Cisco, Comdial and Avaya Partner business phone systems.  

Our Performance Guarantee

As a statement of their commitment to the complete satisfaction of its customers, ACC Telecom provides every client with a Performance Guarantee in conjunction with their purchase of their new telecommunications system or device.

If, within 90 days of a system or solution’s installation, the customer feels that their new system has not performed in accordance with design specifications or has found some other reason for not being satisfied with the performance, then ACC Telecom will endeavor to find an equitable solution to the problem. The reason must be stated in writing and must be something within ACC Telecom’s control – end user customer’s developed software, customized premises distributor systems and other physical preparations to customer facilities are not covered.

If ACC Telecom fails to remedy the situation within a reasonable period, and the customer chooses to return the system, they will then issue a refund when the system is returned.  Under the provided Performance Guarantee, they will refund to their customers the full purchase price, shipping expenses, and applicable taxes.

Our Accreditations

ACC Telecom has the honor of being part of the elite class of Platinum telecommunication dealerships for almost every telephone system product they have ever carried. One of their most recent honors was being recognized in 2013 by Toshiba as a Strata CIX Sales Professional Platinum Dealership. Very few of Toshiba’s dealership partners achieve Platinum status, as it is only awarded to those partners who have received dedicated account management and training directly from Toshiba.  

Early in 2014, ACC Telecom was nominated by D&H Distribution to join the Cisco mConcierge Program. The Cisco mConcierge program is an “invitation-only” program, with partners selected by their demonstrated ability to grow Cisco partner business.  With only 1,000 partners participating worldwide, ACC was very proud to be nominated for this very elite program, and they continue to look for new ways to utilize Cisco systems to improve your business telecommunication solutions.

The company is also proud to have received recognition from the Baltimore Business Journal as one of the largest telecommunications companies in the Baltimore Area in 2002, 2006 and 2014.

10 Interesting Facts about the Telecom Industry!

1. One of the first answering machines was popular with Jewish families

Willy Müller who invented the automatic answering machine in 1935. It was a three-foot-tall machine popular with Orthodox Jews who were forbidden to answer the phone on the Sabbath.

2. The automatic switchboard was inspired by undertaker rivalry

Almon Strowger was an undertaker in Kansas City, USA, who suspected that he was losing business to a rival. The rival’s wife worked as a telephone switchboard and he thought she was diverting calls to her husband. This was Almon’s incentive to replace the human operators (who were not universally loved) with an automatic switchboard. The new system was described as “girl-less, cuss-less and wait-less”.

3. The concept of allocating telephone numbers to individual phone lines was invented by a doctor

When a fever epidemic hit a small town in Massachusetts, the local doctor realized that relying on their local telephone operators was risky – what if they all fell sick at once? Their replacements wouldn’t know the names of the townsfolk or how to direct emergency calls. The doctor came up with a solution – replace names with numbers, allowing the operator to connect without needing to know the exact name.

4. The 555 prefix is reserved for fictional US telephone numbers only.

In the 1970s, the various American phone companies requested that TV and film producers use the 555 prefix for fictional numbers to prevent genuine numbers from being accidentally used.

5. Thousands of people around the world collect antique phones and accessories

Different types of collectible telephones include the ashtray, butterstamp, candlestick, eiffel tower, fatboy and the oilcan.

6. The soundproof booth was invented by Alexander Graham Bell’s assistant, to stop his landlady from eavesdropping on his conversations.

The first prototype was built in 1877 using bed blankets wrapped around a box. Some members of the public disliked the early models because the doors would get stuck, forcing them to fight their way out.

8. The first telephone answering service started in 1923.

Hello, Inc in Virginia, US, began under the name of Mrs. Smith’s Doctors Exchange. A bedridden Margaret Redmond Smith offered to answer calls for local doctors. , After her death in 1925, Margaret’s son and his wife continued to operate the company. In 1933 they expanded to include commercial customers as well as medical clientele; In 1955 the business was moved from the Smiths’ residence into downtown offices, and in the 1980s they moved to a fully computerized system.

9. The ‘Special’ Nokia tone for receiving SMS text messages is Morse code for ‘SMS’

Likewise, the ‘Ascending’ tone is Morse code for ‘Connecting People,’ (Nokia’s slogan) and ‘Standard’ is Morse code for ‘M’ (Message).

10. Alexander Graham Bell also invented the metal detector.

The device was quickly cobbled together in an attempt to find the bullet lodged inside U.S. President James Garfield. It worked perfectly in tests but failed to locate the assassin’s bullet, either due to interference from metal bedsprings or because it was buried too deep inside his body.

Ready for the perfect telecommunications solution for your business?

ACC Telecom is certain to be the right telecommunications company for businesses everywhere. They are the #1 source for office voice upgrades and new system installs.  Together, they can help build a future of communications for business all across Maryland.

Please contact ACC Telecom to request service or a quote for a new or used system. Send an email at or give a call at any of the following numbers:

  • 410-995-0101 (main)
  • 888-226-2216 (toll-free)
  • 202-347-0127 (Washington DC)
  • 703-281-3400 (Northern VA)
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