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Addressing the Issue of National Broadband Reach


33 million U.S. households, a whole 27% of us, do not have internet in their homes. This is just a small glimpse into the issue that is a struggling broadband reach.

33 million U.S. households, a whole 27% of us, do not have internet in their homes.  This is just a small glimpse into the issue that is a struggling broadband reach.  In today’s world, nearly everything is related to the internet.  The Internet of Things is regarded as the future of technology, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a business that doesn’t utilize the internet to their advantage.  Thus, 27% of Americans not being connected is a huge problem in regards to commerce, social networking, and generally moving forward.  To understand why broadband is lacking reach and what can be done about the issue, read on.

Who Doesn’t Have Broadband?

The demographics of this shocking percentage vary, but the majority (55%) are those of us who believe they don’t need the internet at all.  Only 24% of the 33 million without internet are citing the reason as being that the internet is simply too expensive; this is more common in urban areas, with high concentrations of low-income housing.  As time goes on, digital literacy is becoming more and more vital towards our advancement in society.  And it’s especially important for businesses, who need to both advertise and perform their services.  Without broadband reaching a larger audience, a business can’t possibly participate in networking at a truly nationwide level.  

Why is This Affecting Business?

The idea that the internet isn’t important, or that broadband isn’t needed, is severely impacting how businesses interact with the rest of their customer base.  Those who believe the internet is not worth investing in, while they may be using email or cloud services, are not building company websites.  A full 25% of America’s small businesses don’t have their own websites, and 10% are not planning to make one in the future.  Those 10% of businesses are going to suffer–they won’t be able to move forward with their marketing and networking, and so they’ll fall behind their competitors who are using technology to their advantage.  

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