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IP Security Cameras for the Fairfax, VA, Area

At ACC Telecom, your safety is our #1 priority.  We want your assets to be secure, which is why we provide various surveillance solutions to give you complete peace of mind.  ACC Telecom designs, installs, upgrades and supports analog, hybrid, and IP security camera systems for businesses.

We provide a large variety of affordable analog and IP security cameras that integrate with your existing office systems allowing real-time surveillance camera footage monitoring from smartphones, tablets, computers, and even your office video telephone.

before and after image of analog security camera vs 3MP IP surveillance camera

“Law enforcement states the #1 problem with catching criminals via security footage is poor quality images and out-of-date technology”. – CBS News

With ACC’s surveillance systems, you can personally monitor the security of your businesses. Our cameras have the ability to integrate into your network and allow access via the Internet or through smartphones.

And with features such as 24/7 live HD streaming, remote access camera control, and real time intrusion alerts, you can rest assured that your business is safe even when you are away from the office.
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cctv camera image in HD on iphone

View live, HD camera footage instantly from your smartphone.

  • REAL-TIME HD VIEWING ON ANY DEVICE:  Use the device of your choice (smartphone, tablet, laptop, office video IP phone, etc.) to monitor your high-definition (HD) surveillance feed as it happens.  Camera surveillance systems include downloadable apps that allow you to view multiple security surveillance cameras simultaneously and adjust camera image (color, brightness, etc.) instantly.
  • FULL SYSTEM INTEGRATION: We offer scalable IP security camera equipment that can easily integrate with your office phone system, intercom system, video recorder, door access control system and even an existing surveillance camera system.
  • HYBRID SECURITY SYSTEMS:  Compatible with both analog and IP security cameras, Hybrid systems allow businesses to add cameras to existing surveillance system without purchasing an entirely new system.
  • MOTION DETECTION:  Motion camera security helps reduce the amount of storage space required, allowing for extended video archiving and reduced costs spent on hard drives.
  • E-MAIL ALERTS:  Receive e-mail notifications when motion camera security activates.  Security surveillance cameras include time-stamped visible tabs to take you directly to the action rather than scrolling through hours of footage.
  • INTRUSION ALERTS:  Ability to draw a virtual box around an object or building parameter- if crossed, the camera will snap a picture and send the alert and photo immediately to your email.  WATCH NOW
  • FACIAL RECOGNITION:  Sort footage by faces or facial features.  WATCH NOW
  • AUTOMATIC 360° ROTATION:   Set your security camera surveillance system to automatically “sweep” entire areas with 360-degree horizontal rotation and 90-degree vertical rotation.  This feature helps lower costs because it requires fewer security cameras to cover a larger space.
  • PAN, TILT, & ZOOM (PTZ) CAMERAS FROM ANY DEVICE:  Control your PTZ cameras from any device with the pan/tilt/zoom feature that allows you to look up, down, left or right while zooming in or out.  This is especially helpful for law enforcement when evaluating footage for forensic evidence (ex- tattoos, license plates, etc.).
  • NIGHT IMAGING:  This camera security feature provides true infrared technology to capture clear images at night.
  • PEOPLE COUNTING: Ideal for secure entrances/exits.  WATCH NOW
  • CLOUD STORAGE:  Video footage uploads to a cloud server hosted in a secure data center.  Storage transfers occur after business hours to avoid hindering the speed of your network.
  • DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDERS:  Digital video recorders allow for extended footage storage.  This is a priceless tool when constant video monitoring is not an option and/or archived footage is required for crime-related activity.
  • U-CODE:  Allows HD video at 1 mbps, thus reducing at least 50% of bandwidth and storage space needed.  WATCH NOW


Catching a Criminal – A Customer Success Story!

Fandango Productions, located in Baltimore, MD, contacted ACC Telecom about installing a new video camera surveillance system due to theft incidents occurring in the area.  Two months after ACC installed their business surveillance system with PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) 2mp infrared bullet cameras, the inevitable happened and Fandango’s vehicle property was now the target of criminal theft. Continue Reading… The theft occurred in the middle of the night and thankfully the infrared security cameras captured the entire act of vandalism.  The PTZ 2mp bullet security cameras provided clear images of the criminals face and his vehicle’s license plate.  The criminal even disconnected the light above his license plate and the cameras still captured his plate identification using the surveillance camera’s infrared technology!  Due to surveillance-provided criminal forensics, this criminal was arrested and is facing charges.  Since the incident, Fandango Productions has increased the quantity of IP security cameras to their scalable surveillance system.

Thank you Fandango Productions for providing us with your customer success story!



IP surveillance camera system brochure for businesses in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia

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