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Call center software keeps your employees and clients happy by making it possible to route specific calls to ideal agents based on their skills and the nature of the call, among other advanced routing benefits.

A call center is a customer service office designed to handle a large volume of telephone calls. Could your call center benefit from increased convenience and efficiency? At ACC Telecom, our call center software with Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is incredibly simple to implement and generates powerful results. Its advanced capabilities will give you a competitive advantage, making it more efficient and cost-effective to serve your customers faster. Let us review the advantages.

Advanced Call Center Software Features

  • Advanced Call Routing: This feature allows you to direct calls based on agent priority, specific time of day, day of week, day of year, preferred agent treatment, called identification, account number, balanced call count and more.
  • Website Integration: This feature allows website visitors to initiate a real-time text chat session with one of your call center agents or request automatic callback in case all agents are busy. This reduces hold times and operating costs, while giving your customer a quick answer.
  • Skills-Based Routing: This feature makes it possible to direct a call to the right employee based on their skills and experience regarding the matter.
  • Priority Queuing: This feature prioritizes calls based on their level of importance.
  • Agent Priority Routing: This features routes calls to the ideal agent to assist the caller.
  • Multiple Group Agent Login: This features provides important call coverage between groups and tiered service levels.
  • Balanced Routing: The feature distributes calls evenly among staff, leveling your employee workload and getting your customers in contact with a live person sooner.
  • Intelligent Caller Announcements: This feature is great for customers, as it provides them with announcements about expected hold times, places in queue, and alternative options like making a callback reservation or leaving a voicemail.
  • IVR Voice Assistant: This feature provides information based on the caller’s input, while simultaneously alerting agents and supervisors if the queue has become overwhelmed.
  • Call Manager Call Control Functions: This feature allows you to desktop control Chat/IM monitoring and CRM integration with account screen pops.
  • PC and Telephone Integration: This feature makes it possible to manage incoming and outgoing call functions while syncing with your company’s operations, CRM or contact software.
  • Audio Recording and Call Logging: This feature allows you to record and log phone conversations with the ability to store, organize, search and playback these calls to improve quality of training and decrease customer service complaints.
  • Call Reporting for Quality Monitoring: This feature implements managerial reporting, statistics and live monitoring to enhance agent performance, call center group activity and system status. It can also forecast future call center staffing requirements by analyzing call volume patterns.
  • Call Back in Queue (CBIQ): : Allows callers to enter their phone number to hold their place in the queue, without having to wait on the phone. Once an agent becomes available, the system will automatically dial the phone number of the next caller in line.

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