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The Advantages of Video Conferencing and Web Collaboration

video conferencing in conference room with large screens

At ACC Telecom, we offer conference room solutions to ensure that your business makes the right first impression regardless of location. Real-time video conferencing and web collaboration offer businesses an efficient and cost effective way to communicate, share documents, and reduce travel costs. Let’s learn more about the advantages of video conferencing and web collaboration.

Face-to-Face Communication From Any Location

Do you need to host a training session or meeting and communicate with several people – without being in the room? Real-time video conferencing makes it simple to uphold face-to-face communication without the physical presence of the other person. Instead, your voice and face will appear on a large screen in a conference room or another similar method.

With remote or real-time video conferencing and web collaboration, you can communicate with multiple people at multiple locations and take advantages of features like: instant messaging (IM), document sharing (Webinars, presentations, etc), interactive whiteboards, voice and video chat.

Video Conferencing and Web Collaboration Features

  • Application Collaboration: Secure, collaborative software applications paired with automated expertise and media locators makes it possible to access and share relevant business information and documents.  This includes interactive whiteboards and chalkboards.
  • Customer Collaboration: Upgrade from the traditional call center environment! Increase customer engagement with video conferencing to improve overall customer satisfaction.
  • Unified Communications: Reach all of your employees, regardless of their office or remote location, for unified and clear communications.
  • Outlook Calendar Integration: Outlook Calendar makes it easy to schedule and invite people to participate in your video conference.
  • Web User Interface for Moderators: This feature allows moderators to schedule conferences with ease.
  • Conference View Feature: This feature visibly shows moderators who is in their conference and gives them the ability to manage access.
  • Web-based Reporting: Allows managers to report on the impact of audio conferences.
  • Audio Recording Capabilities: You can record video conferences for playback or archive them for record retention. This is great for recording training/teaching sessions.

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