security cameras before and after


IP Surveillance Cameras:  5 Facts You Should Know

  1. You can stream LIVE, 24/7 security camera feed to your smartphone or tablet.  You can also zoom, pan & tilt the cameras from your smartphone or tablet.
  2. 3:1 Ratio: You only need ONE 2mp (megapixel) security camera to cover the same distance as THREE analog security cameras.
  3. Detail Matters!  More Pixels = More Details.  Facial or license plate recognition requires at least 40px (pixels) per foot.  VGA Analog Cameras only cover 16′ vs. 3mp IP Cameras cover 51′ in horizontal coverage.
  4. An 8mp camera has a 2500% resolution benefit over a standard analog VGA camera.  Ideal when zooming in for forensic review.
  5. IP Cameras are available for any condition (outside, nighttime-active-infrared, freezing temperatures, extreme heat, etc.)

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