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Fiber optic cabling is your next step to housing a faster, more reliable network.

The IT industry has been using copper wire for network cabling for decades, now.  There are some advantages, in that copper wire is cheap and exists in a lot of buildings with pre-made network connections.  But that’s about where the advantages end.  Fiber optic cabling is your next step to housing a faster, more reliable network.  Read on to find out why.

Fiber Optic is Faster


There are a lot of scientific reasons involving photons and electrons that make fiber optic cabling the best choice for your business.  But, for those of us who aren’t physicists, we can break it down into simpler terms; fiber optic cabling carries information just 31% slower than the speed of light.  Copper cabling simply can’t compete with that.  The speed of fiber optics is one of the reasons it’s being used so frequently to carry signals in just about any networking situation.


It’s More Stable


Fiber optic cabling doesn’t lose connection nearly as much as copper wire does.  Copper wire also has a distance limit of about 9,328 feet before the connection cuts out due to power loss.  Fiber optic cabling, though?  It can travel up to 24 miles.  It’s ridiculously unlikely for fiber optic cabling to lose connection due to power loss.  If you’re searching for reliable connection and efficiency, fiber optics are the way to go.


Light is Reliable


Because fiber optics run on the idea of transmitting data through light, the cabling has several advantages.  For example, fiber optic cabling can’t catch on fire, because the wires are never going to get hot enough.  There is not actually any electric current traveling through these cables at all– in fact, they don’t produce any electromagnetic currents.  Copper wires can’t say the same.  A minor installation issue can lead to very problematic electromagnetic interference with other cables, and can cause huge snags in your network connection.


Need fiber optic cabling installed in your business?  ACC Telecom can help.


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