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How Cisco’s ‘Spark’ Products Make Your Meetings Work Better

The Cisco Spark Board is an all-in-one meeting room product with a 4K wireless presentation display, a shared digital whiteboard, and a next generation video conferencing system.

The Cisco Spark Board is an all-in-one meeting room product with a 4K wireless presentation display, a shared digital whiteboard, and a next generation video conferencing system.

While we’re more connected than ever, many meeting rooms still rely on an old speakerphone. When a conference room does have more technology, it may not work or could be hard to use. With technology getting in the way, it is no wonder many meetings feel like a waste of time.

Cisco Spark Board

This cloud-powered device cleans up the conference-room chaos and connects physical rooms to virtual work spaces.

  • A wireless presentation device that works for everyone, everywhere – Cisco Spark Board creates a network of workspaces, which can be accessed from anywhere. When users approach the board, it recognizes and greets them – no Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or special network connection required. Users can control it from their PC, Mac, tablet or mobile phone. Screen sharing works through new ultrasound wireless pairing technology, making remote controls a thing of the past.
  • An interactive digital whiteboard that everyone can edit – Whiteboards are where some of the best ideas take root. But with traditional whiteboards, beyond snapping a photo, it’s difficult to save and share your work. With Cisco Spark Board, your content is not only shareable, but editable and secure as well.
  • A theater-quality conferencing device – Say goodbye to that old speakerphone. The Spark Board gives you excellent audio and video at an attractive price. Its 4K camera gives a broad, crisp view of the room without being obtrusive. Microphone array and VoiceTrack technology ensures that your message will always come through crystal-clear on the other end. Setup is as simple as mounting it to the wall and plugging it in.

Cisco Spark Meetings

Productive meetings include preparing ahead of time and following up after.  The meeting itself is one point in a longer series of interactions. Spark Meetings bring together Webex capabilities and user devices across the network to support this flow.

Highlights include:

  • You can whiteboard together – Spark Board is built right into all of Cisco’s Spark apps so you only need one Board and everyone connected to the meeting can participate.
  • Schedule a meeting in the app, and you’ll automatically get what you need to prepare for the meeting. It creates a team space so you can create an agenda, get all the right people involved, share content, and chat back and forth.
  • Starting a meeting is simple – one touch gets it going.
  • Brainstorming throughout the meeting can be captured and easily saved within the Spark space.
  • In the same space, post meeting comments, notes and follow-up action items. Everything needed for continued collaboration is in one place.
  • The activity-based workflow will be the same on all devices: desktop, mobile phone, tablet, Cisco Spark Board.

View a video introduction to Cisco Spark

These transformative tools enable businesses to develop a work culture that drives innovation through collaboration.

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