Information leakage from the meeting room is becoming a top security concern.

Information leakage from the meeting room is becoming a top security concern.

Corporate meeting rooms are commonly used for discussions that range from the mundane to the highly sensitive.  Remote offices and third parties can be brought into these discussions with audio and video systems and applications that run over IP networks. Yet most meeting participants may be unaware that their conversations can be monitored by hackers, even when the AV equipment is not in use.

What’s at Stake

This means sales projections, potential mergers and acquisitions, product development plans, executive staff changes, advertising campaigns, litigation strategies, regulatory compliance, and other sensitive information could potentially fall into the wrong hands.

Hackers may be working for competitors, governments, and criminals looking for inside information that can be leveraged for financial gain, market share, or political advantage – or simply to embarrass the company. Whatever the motive, information leakage from the meeting room is becoming a top security concern.

Businesses spend billions of dollars each year strengthening security to protect their computer systems, employee laptops, and mobile devices. Rarely do they give as much thought to the ease with which hackers can penetrate the meeting room where the most sensitive topics are openly discussed.

Security is an Afterthought

Many conferencing systems were designed with visual and audio clarity in mind. Ease-of-use features often drove the purchase decision. Encrypted links gave IT administrators a false sense of security, so they felt comfortable implementing these systems outside the firewall.

With hackers becoming more devious and profit-minded, it is becoming ever more difficult to keep sensitive information private for long. Businesses must of take control of the situation by extending security awareness and best practices to the meeting room, and to every mobile device that may be brought into the room.

Best Practices

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