Important Announcement – Action Required for Select 3CX Customers
End of Life 3CX Raspberry Pi4 Servers

Raspberry Pi server

EOL Announcement

3CX has announced End of Life (EOL) status for the Raspberry Pi4 server deployed as a PBX.  Typically this would not be a problem for some time; however, due to the 3CX SSL certificate requirements that renew on December 1st, the server will no longer accept the SSL & version 5 updates. 

Unfortunately, this announcement was unexpected and is time sensitive, so all impacted customers will be contacted directly.

Customers deploying the Raspberry Pi4 hardware as a PBX server can either switch out their hardware for a new server, or can move to a cloud-based server. 

If moving to a cloud-based server (i.e.-3CX Hosted), we can repurpose the Raspberry Pi4 server as a SBC (Session Border Control) device, thus retaining the previous equipment investment.  Deploying SBC device(s) are required if moving to the cloud to add an extra layer of security.  3CX has announced continued support for Rasp Pi4 when used as SBC devices. Click here to view this announcement. 

Moving to the cloud offers the following benefits:  

  • Redundancy:
    • 3CX mobile apps will continue to function even during outages so calls will not be missed.
  • Automatic Updates:
    • New software and security enhancements are auto-applied to cloud servers.  No manual updates needed.
  • Avoid Hardware Failures:
    • Lightning strikes, power surges, and physical damage are some of the risks involved in deploying on-site hardware.  Moving your valuable communications system to the cloud will avoid these types of risks.



Review 3CX’s EOL announcement here.  A notification was also sent from the 3CX system to System Admins on October 31st, subject:  3CX | Upgrade to Update 5 Required.




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