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How to Know When Your Network Needs Updating


Keeping your business’s computer network in good working order is vital to the productivity, efficiency, and safety of your future.

Keeping your business’s computer network in good working order is vital to the productivity, efficiency, and safety of your future. Many businesses start with smaller networks and lack the infrastructure they need as they continue to scale and grow. How can you tell when your computer network is due for an update? Here are some of the biggest signs that indicate you need a network update.

Slower and Slower

Over time, as the load on your network increases, your computer speed will start to slow down. If you do not have regular server maintenance performed, your network might be slowed down even more dramatically. You’re due for a network update if your system speed has dramatically slowed. The most common network upgrades to solve this problem include a new server, memory upgrades, or processor upgrades.

How Do You Use Your Network?

Examine the way that your employees use your network to get business done. Do they need to use multiple apps, go through many different processes, or do any other extraneous steps? Reducing the load on your server could be as simple as trying to find a better way to do the process. Are there steps that you could simplify? Is there another piece of software that could speed things along? This will reduce the need for a network update and potentially solve the problem altogether.

You’re Out of Date

Are all of your competitors using newer, more powerful systems? While keeping up with the Joneses isn’t the most important reason for a network update, keeping your systems competitive is. Paying for the latest software and technology can pay off in your profits, especially if your competitors are immediately upgrading as well. Your customers will notice outdated methods of doing things or file formats, and your employees will get things done more slowly. If your server, computers, or software are out of date, ACC Telecom can help you with a network update and office-wide tech update.

Network Services for Businesses from ACC Telecom

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