The IPedge system comes with dozens of productivity and convenience features right out of the box, minimizing total cost of ownership and return on investment.

The IPedge system comes with dozens of productivity and convenience features right out of the box, minimizing total cost of ownership and return on investment.

IPedge 1.7.3 adds new capabilities that address key customer requirements for ease of deployment, multi-site networking and enhanced collaborative applications that improve communication among staff, colleagues and customers. The upgrade can be flexibly deployed on-site, in the cloud, or in a hybrid cloud network.

Software-only Solution Delivers Virtualized Deployment

Toshiba’s virtualized IPedge software now runs on customer-provided VMware certified hardware. This option is a good fit for IT-centric organizations and data centers that rely on virtualization technology as a way to consolidate multiple applications on a single platform.

IPedge software can also reside with Toshiba’s contact center and reporting software on a single server for added hardware and computing resource efficiencies, which translate into significant capital, operational and energy savings.

Built-in Collaboration for Enhanced Productivity

Toshiba extends the built-in IPedge Meet-me Audio Conference application with new, fully integrated Web desktop sharing and collaboration. The capability enables quick, on-demand or scheduled audio and Web conferences with the added security of assigning and sending out PIN numbers to all participants invited to the conference. The new Scheduler feature provides conference reservation, participant control, and real-time and historical details.

Four audio channel licenses are included for free, and additional audio channels are easily license-activated.

Enhancements to Messaging, Call Accounting

Additional enhancements address important capabilities related to messaging and call accounting:

  • The internal IPedge Messaging function now supports more flexible notification operations through a simple and straightforward interface, while a fax driver enhancement eliminates Java requirements and allows the driver to run in the latest Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  • The built-in IPedge Call Accounting capability adds new report generation options (PDF, HTML or CSV formats) and new administrative options, including direct downloads and zip files.

Just one more reason…

Toshiba’s award-winning IPedge delivers advanced capabilities on a secure Linux-based VMware server. In addition to recently expanding the networking capability to 512 nodes from 128 nodes, the latest software release offers another compelling reason to consider the IPedge for all your call control, productivity and communications needs.

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