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Cloud phone systems are continuing to gain in popularity, in 2023, it’s estimated that 1/3 of the global population uses voice over IP with a whooping $151 billion in sales. Ideal for the SMB market, Cloud Phone Systems offer certain advantages over on premise PBX systems, such as utilizing your company’s existing bandwidth and managing your virtual PBX directly from an internet browser.  That said, Cloud Phone Systems are only as good as the network you deploy.

Network Specifications


In order to deploy a successful VoIP solution with ideal Quality of Service (QoS), you’ll need to consider your technological limitations and how you can work to solve them.  Your company will almost certainly be left in the dust with an antiquated phone system.  Before you start thinking about the benefits of a cloud phone system, you need to determine if your network can actually handle it.  




The requirements for VoIP networks begin with your low-voltage cabling.  Cat5e or higher is required for all voice devices on the premise LAN.  Splitters, Combiners, Extenders, RJ45 converters, or other modifications on cable runs to voice devices are not recommended.  Use of cable modifiers can result in lower Quality of Service (QoS).




Power over Ethernet (PoE) is recommended for SIP phone connections since most SIP devices are only powered via data connections.  SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) managed switches are recommended as they can be managed remotely (ex- reboot, reset, etc.).  We do not recommend missing IP and SIP devices on VLAN segments.




On converged networks, configure the router to keep voice and data segments separated internally. Voice and data segments must be invisible to each other as they pass through the router.   This is often accomplished by configuring an internal VLAN within the router.  The router’s internal VLAN requirement is not dependent on whether the LAN includes VLAN segments or not. A VLAN capable router is always required if VLAN switches are used.  Additionally, an available port on the internet router is needed for the voice (VLAN or Physical) segment.


For a complete list of recommended VoIP network configurations and specifications, please click here.


ACC Telecom can help you get your cloud phone system up and running.


Our system, known as a VoIP phone system, is easily customizable to fit your specific needs.  ACC Telecom is certain to be the right telecommunications company for businesses everywhere. They have been providing expert service and advice since 1979 and can meet all of your telecommunications needs. They offer a wide range of business phone and video surveillance systems to meet the needs of any organization.  They have been helping build the future of communications for business all across Maryland, DC, and Northern VA.

Please contact ACC Telecom to schedule your VoIP network assessment.


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