New 3CX v20 Windows Softphone

3CX v20 softphone

The new 3CX v20 Softphone replaced the old Electron desktop app to offer better security while preparing for future market endeavors.  The previous Windows Electron client used certain libraries and framework that was hard to maintain, update, and could be vulnerable, so 3CX completely rewrote the software.  The new Windows softphone client is now independent from web browser updates and is only deployed via the Microsoft store, offering another layer of security and testing.

The new native 3CX Windows softphone will act as a “SIP Client” (similar to the iOS or Android app), and will run in conjunction with the web client.  As a native softphone, audio control will be independent from the browser to offer a proper answer dialog.

Further details can be found on 3CX’s blog post at

Secure Deployment via the Microsoft Store

The new v20 Windows client will be deployed from the Microsoft store, offering greater security right from the onset as each Windows native app is reviewed by Microsoft’s security team.  This type of deployment allows 3CX to update the softphone separately from the main 3CX build for better manageability.  The new softphone app will be limited to calling and other essential PBX functionality, similar to the iOS and Android app.  It is recommended to use the PWA or web client for other tasks, such as chat and video conferencing.

3CX v20 Windows Softphone Features

  • Network-wide control by Admins
  • Native integration with headsets
  • Calls will pop out to the front of the softphone (Pop-to-Front design)
  • Can use the Softphone in combination with the PWA for additional features
    • Use PWA or web client for Chat, SMS, Video Conferencing
    • Use New Softphone for Calls, Voicemail
3CX in Microsoft store

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