We were quite stunned when we heard Toshiba Telecom System Division was closing its doors in North America.  Unfortunately, this is nothing new in the telecom world. In our 30+ years, we have personally experienced telecom manufacturers closing shop or abruptly discontinuing support on products that were only a few years old–including Comdial, Lucent, Avaya Partner systems, and even the relatively new Cisco BE6000S.   Though Toshiba abruptly announced its closure, thankfully they are not abruptly discontinuing their support.  Below you will find five reasons why there is no reason to panic over the Toshiba’s closure announcement.

#1 We Still Support Dead Products
It sounds counterintuitive to support dead products, right?  But we still do.  We continue to support products like Comdial and Avaya Partner systems that have been ‘dead’ for over 15 years.  And Toshiba PBX Systems will not be the exception.

#2 Toshiba Support Available Thru Dec 31, 2022
Toshiba Support personnel is available through December 31, 2022, should we need to contact them directly.

#3 Inventory is Plentiful
Our warehouse is fully stocked with Toshiba inventory including IPedge servers, cards, CIX equipment, and telephones.

#4 Reliable Product
Toshiba digital phone systems are known for their longevity and reliability, lasting on average 25 years– with many lasting 50 years!

#5 Future Proof Solutions
The Toshiba closure announcement forced us to seek a replacement product that is feature-rich, affordable and future-proof.  We are so excited and proud to say that we found it in the 3CX IP Phone System.  We chose the 3CX IP Phone System because it met and exceeded our expectations with features such as zero admin, integrated video and web conferencing, and easy-to-use mobile applications.  

We will continue to sell our future-proof ACC Cloud Phone System as well!  So, when you are ready to upgrade your Toshiba, we have the perfect PBX solution for you- whether on-premise or in the cloud.

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