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Important Information Regarding Upgrading to 3CX v20

3CX v20 is an exciting new software release, packed full of new features and functionality.  However, even though 3CX v20 is officially released– that doesn’t mean you should upgrade to this new software version just yet!

Please review important FAQs regarding upgrading to v20 software.


Q: Who will handle our system's upgrade?

Since 3CX v20 is a MAJOR software upgrade, it is important that ACC Telecom’s 3CX Advanced Certified Technicians handle upgrading your software. Our certified technicians will ensure that your system is fully backed up prior to performing the upgrade afterhours.  


Q: When will you upgrade our system to v20?

3CX v20 is a major software upgrade and involves three phases of updates.  In other words, 3CX will be rolling out three (3) software updates to v20 over the next few months.

Each launch will include new features, or reintroduce features that were not part of the initial launch.  Since some important features such as hot-desking and scheduled reports are not included in the initial launch, ACC Telecom will install v20 on all systems after Update 3.  Our Technicians will contact your company a week before the upgrade is slated to occur. 

At this time, we do not have a definitive timeframe for when Update 3 will be launched, but are anticipating Q3-Q4 of this year.


Q: Why do we have to wait for Update 3 to launch before upgrading to v20?

To eliminate confusion and frustration, we feel it is important to upgrade your system once ALL new and existing features are available for use.  In addition, the Windows version is not available yet, and split DNS must be fully resolved on the LAN prior to upgrading.

Please contact support@acctelecom.com with any questions or concerns regarding this information.


Q: We are a 3CX Hosted customer. Who will perform our software upgrade?

Since 3CX “hosts” your system on their servers, 3CX will apply the software upgrade.  We do not have a timeframe for when 3CX will update the Hosted systems.


Q: We self-manage our system. Where can we find information on the feature roll-outs and updates?

Prior to upgrading, be sure to read the v20 Upgrade Checklist & FAQs.  Review the updated manual, and read and subscribe to the 3CX blog for the latest v20 news.


Please contact ACC Support via call/text at 410-423-6500 or email support@acctelecom.com with any questions or concerns.

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