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The whisper page phone feature allows two parties to communicate without a third party on the line knowing!

Imagine this: You are on a call with a customer and could use a little guidance on how to handle the situation at hand. Or, your employee is on a call with a customer and you want to supervise the interaction or tell them something urgent. Instead of putting the current customer on hold and tracking down your employee, wouldn’t it be nice if you could communicate on the same line at the same time without the third party hearing? The whisper page feature makes it possible for one line to “whisper” important announcements to another line (that is on a current call) without the third party hearing.



The whisper page feature is often programmed by the administrator, and allows them the flexibility to determine the lines that can be intruded and the lines that cannot. If you initiate the whisper feature and then mute your phone, neither parties will hear you on the line. The feature can be extremely beneficial for training purposes to determine areas that need improvement. It can also be a beneficial way to resolve customer conflict without having to put the customer on hold, which may upset them more and later lead to a loss of business.


How Do I Activate a Whisper Page?


To find out how to activate a whisper page on your specific phone, you should refer to the user manual. In most cases, you hit the button “Whisper” or “Whisper Page,” type the desired extension of the line you’d like to page (their name may pop up) and hit “Whisper.”


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