Impact of Poor Performance

The consequences of a poorly performing wireless network can add up fast…

The consequences of a poorly performing wireless network can add up fast…

The consequences of a poorly performing wireless network can add up fast…

  • Delays and Quality of Service problems may frustrate users
  • Real time apps can bog down and waste time
  • Your network might not be available when you need it
  • Bandwidth speed might not support business growth

With the proliferation of Wi-Fi enabled devices in the workplace, every business is adapting to keep up with more access points, bandwidth, and the latest high-speed IEEE 802.11 standards.

Advantages of High Performance

Wireless LANs allow your employees to work anywhere in your building or campus, with convenient, worry-free access to the Internet or your local IT resources.  Visitors, too, will have the freedom to work on the go with a convenient, flexible and secure Wireless Network.

The higher speeds will better support the growing number of devices connected to your wireless networks and run bandwidth-intensive applications such as…

  • VoIP
  • HD streaming video
  • Web conferencing
  • Data backup and bulk transfers
  • Video Surveillance

Strategically placed access points can serve multiple users and, as people move beyond the range of one access point, they are automatically handed over to the next one – while experiencing seamless data transmission and real-time communication.

ACC Takes Care of the Details

ACC Telecom delivers wireless projects on time, tested and ready to support seamless mobile access. Beginning with a complimentary site survey, ACC will design and recommend the placement of wireless access points throughout your office or campus. Our experts manage all the details…

  • Wireless Site Surveys
  • Wireless Coverage RF Testing
  • Optimized Coverage Maps
  • Access Points | Placement and Cabling
  • Wireless Security
  • Testing and Certification

Whether you need Wi-Fi in a new building or across your campus, ACC Telecom has the experience and expertise to get the job done right.

Contact ACC Telecom to discuss your wireless networking needs. To get started, send an email to or give us a call at any of the following numbers:

  • 410-995-0101 (main)
  • 888-226-2216 (toll-free)
  • 202-347-0127 (Washington DC)
  • 703-281-3400 (Northern VA)
  • 301-621-4646 (Western MD)

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