Business Mobility Applications 

Welcome to the New Work Environment.

Is Your Business Ready?

Instead of saying, “I’ve got to go to work,” we should say, “I’ve got to work,” and then we will – wherever, whenever.

Work used to be about showing up, clocking in, and staying late. Things changed. Technology changed. We changed. The new work environment is tailored to your people- and they will love you for it.  Happy employees= increased efficiency, customer satisfaction, and retention rates which equates to lower turnover and more revenue. 

Welcome to the new work environment. The future is here- are you ready?



What are Business Mobility Applications?

Business Mobility Applications are mobile extensions of your business phone system, providing communication features to smartphones, tablets, and laptops.


  • 5-line Voice Calling through Business Phone System using Direct Dial or Main Business Phone Number (Hides Personal Cell Number)
  • Business Extension
  • Extension to Extension Dialing & Transfers
  • Call Recording
  • Video & Web Collaboration
  • Conferencing Calling
  • Conference Scheduling
  • Corporate Contact List
  • Internal Chat/Group Chat
  • Presence Status
  • Profile Status (i.e.- Do Not Disturb, Busy, etc.)
  • Log-in/Log-out from Queue
  • Business Visual Voicemail
  • Call History
  • Chat History

3cx ip phone system's mobile application client displayed on an iphone in Maryland



Benefits of Business PBX Mobile Apps

  • Mobile device acts as an extension of your office desk phone.
  • Host, schedule, or join Video Conferences from PBX mobile applications.
  • Syncs automatically with colleague’s extensions for one-touch dialing.
  • View colleague’s presence and profile status in real-time. 
  • Move seamlessly between mobile devices.
  • Features work the same across company and different device types.
  • Hides personal cell phone number; only displays office number on outbound calls.
  • Our software is available for mobile phones (iOS & Android), laptops, tablets, browser-based, & PCs & MACs.
3cx phone system iOS mobile business application client video conferencing.



Learn More

ACC Telecom specializes in Business Mobility Applications for Business PBX Systems.  ACC will help your business determine which type of business phone system and mobile application is right for you.

3CX PBX system mobile application [above images] provides businesses with PBX system mobility like never before.  Offering video conferencing, chat, presence, extension dialing, visual voicemail, and more, our 3CX mobile client offers advanced PBX mobility features for all employees without having to pay-per-user licensing or extension fees.

Learn more about our Business Mobility Applications for our 3CX Cloud or on-premise IP phone system.



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