What Should You Know About Business Phone Systems?

After many months or years of service, the time has come for you to upgrade your company’s business phone systems.

After many months or years of service, the time has come for you to upgrade your company’s business phone systems. But what should you know ahead of time? The realm of business phone systems can be trickier and more confusing than you might expect. Fortunately, we have assembled this guide to help you determine what you want for these critical systems, and how they can improve your business.

Features to Consider

What features are you looking for, exactly? Call queues and conference calling functions are essential, and if your current provider doesn’t offer them, it’s best to look elsewhere. If you need to improve your telecommunications capabilities, ACC Telecom is your best bet. One of the business phone systems you can consider is to use a cloud-based infrastructure, which will allow you to use both of these features and many others as well.

Small businesses also need to be able to save their information in the event of downtime. Disaster recovery through redundancy, whether it is in the form of physical hardware or cloud access, is also vital for your business to stay operational even in uncertain times or chaotic events such as storm damage or unexpected hacking.

Improving Your Business

Saving Money: Saving money whenever you can is one of the easiest ways to maximize your profits and start improving your business. Plus, one of the most significant benefits of an upgraded business phone system is that they are much more efficient and cost-effective. When you use VoIP business phone systems, for instance, you’ll save on local and long-distance calls, while also spending less on hardware, installation costs, and initial investment.

Enabling Enterprise Mobility: One of the rising trends in today’s telecom industry is the use of enterprise mobility applications. When VoIP is your primary business phone system, these applications can connect your business phone to your mobile device, allowing you and your employees to make calls and take calls as if you were all at your office desks, even while on business trips or out in the field.

Improved Communication: One of the greatest assets that the VoIP business phone system can provide is that it enhances intra-office communication. Team members, no matter what division or department they are in, can get in touch and ascertain who is currently available and who isn’t. Improved private chat features facilitate near-instantaneous messaging between team members, and lastly, the ease of use for training tools allows supervisors to either monitor ongoing conversations or join to lend additional advice, support, and assistance to new hires during the onboarding process.

Consider ACC Telecom for Your Business Phone System and Other Telecommunication Needs!

ACC Telecom provides voice communication and cloud-based solutions tailored to the needs of your business. We have over 38 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and pride ourselves on offering customers top-notch service and affordable prices. To get a quote or learn more about how we can help your business grow, give us a call at 410-995-0101. For more interesting articles and tips, follow us on social media on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+.

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