What's New in Telecom?

How up-to-date are your company’s telecom solutions?

How up-to-date are your company’s telecom solutions? When it comes to these solutions and telecom technology in general, you always want to be sure your business is thinking of the future and taking advantage of the latest advances in the industry. So, if you’re wondering what’s new with telecom, read on to find out more.

Virtual Servers

When your company uses virtual servers, you automatically gain a great deal more flexibility. The best reason to consider using virtual servers is their versatility. A virtual server can serve as an anchor for multiple servers, as opposed to physical servers, which can only hold one server at a time.

By using a virtual server, you can also make use of the cloud. Virtual servers also allow you to run different operating systems at once, which contribute to how virtualization is much less expensive to maintain. Although operating a virtual server isn’t as costly, upgrading can potentially be an enormous investment. Why else might virtual servers be a good idea for your small business? Automation can be a time-saver for everyone involved. With automation in place, any necessary repairs can be indicated, or flagged to make the repairs that much easier. Lastly, backing up critical data and recovering that information is made much simpler.  In the event that a server fails, users can transfer the data stored on it to another server.      

Enterprise Mobility Applications

Enterprise mobility and its applications serve as another avenue towards increasing business productivity. Generally speaking, enterprise mobility refers to the ability to use business assets when employees are out of the office. Whether those are mobile devices or apps optimized for mobile rather than standard desktop computers, workers can access the information they need even when working offsite. The development of personal digital assistants (PDAs) and smartphones led to the rise of enterprise mobility applications and companies outlining their own policies for Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD. Security concerns for these devices may arise, however, the security controls are constantly updated and upgraded to protect sensitive information.

Integration of IP Security Cameras and Door Boxes

The combination of IP security cameras with door boxes is another measure meant to improve on-site security. Older analog camera systems are outdated and being replaced by IP security cameras. Databases using convergence to pixels software facilitate the integration between these systems. The data stored in these databases is displayed on the associated video screens and can help determine who has access to a specific area or not.

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