NVR and DVR Security Camera Systems - Which One is Better for Your Business?

When you are comparing security camera systems to protect your business, you will have some choices to make.

When you are comparing security camera systems to protect your business, you will have some choices to make. One of the most important decisions you will have to consider is whether you should acquire a network video recorder (NVR) security camera, or a digital video recorder (DVR) security camera system. Read on to find out more about these two types of cameras, and how they compare against one another.

How Do They Differ?

Both systems provide reliable video recording to monitor your business’s premises. Both can also lend a feeling of safety and comfort for your employees. But where do the differences begin? The first difference is in how these cameras process the images that they capture. The DVR is an electronic component of the camera that is attached directly to the camera itself. The DVR then handles encoding and processing of the video data.

NVR security camera systems, however, are software-based instead of hardware elements. The video footage is recorded and downloaded from a source network. The camera encodes and prepares the images before they are streamed to the NVR. Once stored on the NVR, it can be saved for future use, or sent to a remote operator for viewing.

DVR cameras rely on the architecture of a CCTV camera system. These cameras are only analog, whereas NVR cameras can make use of IP camera setups. However, when both DVR and NVR systems are used in unison, a hybrid surveillance system arises that support the functions and features of both systems.

Which One Should You Select?

To better guide you on which camera system you should choose, we have prepared this comparison:

Type of Camera: NVR uses IP cameras, while DVR uses analog cameras.

Quality of Data Capture: NVR cameras boast higher quality footage than their DVR counterparts.

Signal Strength: While NVR cameras have an unstable signal, DVR cameras provide a stable signal.

Ease of Installation: NVR cameras are much easier to install with wiring involved, while DVR cameras are more difficult to install with wiring.

Different Configurations: NVR cameras can be configured to either run automatically or controlled manually. Meanwhile, all a DVR camera requires is the so-called plug and play operation – once it is plugged in, it immediately begins operating.

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