Many business owners are overwhelmed with the communications required to maintain their organization. Between phone calls, texts, faxes, and emails, it is easy for important pieces of information to get lost in translation. Compounding this problem is the rising popularity of non-traditional hours, meaning fewer and fewer employees are working a traditional 9-5 job as more workers prefer the flexibility of working from home or while traveling. Progressive businesses interested in streamlining their communications processes can greatly benefit from Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems. These cloud-hosted phone systems solve a variety of 21st-century communication problems. Learn more about their benefits in today’s blog.



VoIP phone systems are changing the way businesses communicate.

Cost effective

VoIP phone systems, also known as virtual phone systems or cloud phone systems, require no long-term contract and need no hardware other than desk phones, minimizing the need for expensive technician visits. Most ACC Telecom customers report saving up to 60% on their phone bill and the operation of their office phone system.



With cloud-hosted phone systems, businesses never have to worry about employees being unreachable simply because they are traveling or working from home. Mobile apps and IP phones can be used anywhere there is an internet connection and maintain their business phone features such as business caller id, paging, call transferring, and voicemail.


CoreNexa cloud phone system mobile app screenshot on smartphone


Business VoIP / virtual phone systems don’t require any on-site equipment which eliminates the need for a private branch exchange box or yards and yards of copper wiring. This lack of equipment also means that maintenance and upgrades are virtually unnecessary as back-end changes are handled without the business ever knowing.



Cloud-based phone systems are able to be changed efficiently in the event that a business grows or shrinks. Adding an extension requires no time at all and can be eliminated just as quickly, preventing the headache of a client’s phone call going unanswered because they dialed an unused extension.



Ready for the perfect VoIP phone system for your business?

ACC Telecom is certain to be the right telecommunications company for businesses everywhere. They are the #1 source for office voice upgrades and new system installs.  Together, they can help build a future of communications for business all across America with their cloud and VoIP communications and security solutions.  Local, on-site installation and support is available throughout Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern VA.

Please contact ACC Telecom to request service or a quote for a new business phone system.

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