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10DLC New Compliancy Tips

Whether you are currently using SMS text messaging for your business, or plan to in the future, it is important to adhere to the Mobile Network Operator’s compliancy requirements for SMS messaging to avoid rejections and fines.

Tips to Remaining Compliant with 10DLC:

  • Your website must be secure (https://).
  • You must have a Privacy Policy on your website.
  • If using SMS for marketing purposes, you must also have a SMS Terms of Service on your website.
  • If you are in the Real Estate industry, you must have a double opt-in process during SMS sign-up.
  • Your email address should match your company domain (no gmail, msn, yahoo, etc. email for business).

Review the pages below for more information.

10DLC Registration Best Practices


Note:  Toll-free numbers used for messaging must now register under the Verification ProcessClick here to learn more about toll-free verification.



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