10DLC/A2P SMS Registration Frequently Asked Questions


Since business SMS is a highly desired communications method for consumers and businesses alike, the industry as a whole wants it to remain a channel that customers can trust– that’s free of spam, fraud, and unsolicited messages.  Nobody wants SMS to be the next spam outlet similar to what we’ve experienced with spam calls and emails in the past.

To help accomplish this goal, the cellular carriers have introduced a new set of standards and registration process for 10DLC numbers (“10-digit long code”- aka your local landline or VoIP phone numbers). The registration process is designed to support compliant businesses with higher messaging speeds, improved deliverability, and increased trust throughout the industry.

It is important that you register your business and number(s) in order to avoid potential 10DLC fines and future disruption of service.

NOTE:  It is recommended to review our 10DLC Registration Best Practices before completing the registration form.




What does A2P / 10DLC mean?

Application to Person (A2P) and 10-digit long code (10DLC) refer to local, 10-digit phone numbers used to send messages between businesses and consumers.  10DLC numbers include landline and VoIP phone numbers.


Do I have to register my 10DLC number?

Yes, all U.S. mobile carriers are now requiring 10DLC numbers (landline and VoIP) to register if the number will be sending SMS/MMS messages.


I do not use SMS for marketing purposes.  Do I still need to register?

Yes, if you send ANY type of SMS/MMS text messages from your business phone numbers, you must register your Brand and choose a Campaign Type.  This includes sending scheduling reminders, sending two-factor authorization codes, replying to a message, etc.

Please note the registry and compliancy requirements ONLY pertain to businesses that send outbound SMS/MMS text messages.  A company does not need to register if ONLY receiving messages and are not replying to or sending text messages.


How do I register?

Click here to register your Brand (company) and numbers.


How do I know if my business has already been registered?

Call or text 410-995-0101, or email solutions@acctelecom.com.


Can ACC Telecom just register for me?

Each company must complete their business registration themselves in order to ensure accuracy of information submitted.


Does this registration requirement apply to ALL business texting providers?

Yes, this is a new, universal policy change for all communication providers.


Do non-profit organizations need to register?

Yes, non-profit organizations will need to register as well.  Please select the “non-profit” option under Business Type in the registration form.


Do I need to register if my business is headquartered in Canada?

Yes, in order to send messages to any customer using a U.S. carrier, you will need to register with The Campaign Registry (TCR) using your Canadian Business Name (BN).


I have a toll-free number, short-code and/or international (non-Canadian) number. Does the registration requirement still apply?

Short-codes and toll-free numbers are regulated differently.  Businesses using toll-free numbers to SMS text message must submit a separate verification form proving ownership of that numbers’ texting rights and will be individually verified by our support team. Visit our toll-free messaging FAQs page to learn more.


I already registered my business through another texting provider. Will I need to register again?

Unfortunately, The Campaign Registry (who manages all registrations of brands and campaigns), has refused to allow existing brands/campaign IDs to transfer to other carriers.  Consequently, you will need to register through ACC Telecom directly if you are using any of our platforms to send text messages.


What types of fees are involved with the registration process?  Do I have to re-register every year?

  • $4 Brand (Company) Registration Fee
  • $15 Vetting Fee per campaign. Note: If your campaign is rejected, you will be charged $15 every time the campaign is resubmitted for approval.  It is important to submit your campaigns with as much detail as possible to avoid rejections.
  • $1.50-$30/month USD campaign fee. Campaign fees vary by use case.

Companies may have more than one campaign depending upon use case scenarios and quantity of numbers (one campaign can have up to 49 SMS-enabled phone numbers).

Annual registration will be required; however, once you submit your information we will handle the annual renewal process.  So long as your information is still the same, there will not be an annual renewal fee.

NOTE: *All 10DLC fees are considered “pass-through” fees that are charged by the cellular carriers.  ACC Telecom does not mark-up or profit from these fees.


I’ve been texting via my business numbers for years, why do I have to register and pay fees now?

New 10DLC standards were implemented in 2021 and now all users of 10DLC are required to register and pay the corresponding fees.


The registration form mentions registering my “Brand” and “Campaigns”– what does this terminology mean?

“Brand” refers to your company, specifically company name, main location, authorized contact, and vertical/industry type.

“Campaigns” include the type of messages that you will be sending.  Some companies will have multiple campaigns and must register each campaign under a separate form.  Companies can have up to 49 numbers under one campaign.


How can I avoid rejections to my brand and campaign registration?

Please review our 10DLC Registration Best Practices for more information.


My industry/vertical is not listed in the registration form.  Which option should I choose?

Please choose the industry/vertical that most closely identifies with your business.


Who is the organization that you will be sharing my information with?

The information will be submitted to The Campaign Registry (TCR), an Independent Reputation Authority chosen by the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs)/cellular carriers. TCR will conduct the vetting for brand and campaign registration on behalf of the cellular carriers.  You can learn more about TCR here.


What happens if my company does not register?

Many carriers have stated that they will not support text traffic from non-registered 10DLC numbers.  This means that if a non-registered company attempts to send a text message to a customer, that message will fail.  The error message will be similar to the error received when trying to text a non-text-enabled landline number.


What happens if my text messages are flagged as spam?

SMS-enabled numbers that are flagged as spam will be issued two warnings.  Thereafter, non-compliancy will result in hefty fines (up to $10,000 USD per message) and permanent removal of the ability to send and received SMS/MMS text messages.


For more information regarding 10DLC registration, please contact lnp@acctelecom.com.

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