Tablet displaying Eagle Eye's cloud video security camera system interface in Washington DC.

Cloud-based surveillance systems offer many benefits when compared to standard security camera systems with NVR (Network Video Equipment) equipment.  We highlight 5 benefits of moving to a cloud-based surveillance solution compared to an on-site NVR surveillance system.

Top 5 Benefits Cloud Surveillance Offers When Compared to NVR systems:

    1. No Open Ports on Firewalls:  There are no open ports needed for our cloud surveillance system to function.  Our solution takes the cameras off the corporate network and essentially creates its own VLAN to the cloud while encrypting all data.


    1. Triple Redundancy:  ACC’s cloud surveillance solution encrypts your video then clones the encrypted video and stores it on three different virtual servers.


    1. View All Locations from a Single Platform:  View and manage all of your office locations worldwide 24/7 from one browser-based platform.


    1. Automatic Software & Security Updates:  With ACC’s cloud surveillance solution, updates are automatically pushed to your account so you’ll have complete peace of mind knowing that your software and cyber security is always up-to-date.   


    1. Alerts for Offline Cameras:  ACC’s cloud surveillance offers real-time alerting including alerts when cameras are offline and recordings have stopped.


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