Give your business, customers and employees the gift they’ve been hoping for…that one gift that can provide your employees with efficient tools to get the job done faster, making your customers happier and rendering your business stronger.    So what is this amazing gift you ask?

This amazing gift is no other than a shiny new business phone system.  Before you sigh in disappointment (I know you were hoping for new laptops), let’s revisit why a new office phone system is an amazing gift for your business this year.  With the introduction of Virtual phone systems, everyone can have cool unified communication features (think receiving voicemails and faxes straight to your email) for a low cost.  You can read more about unified communications features here.  For now, let’s stick with why December is the best month to upgrade your PBX system.

Here are 5 reasons why December is the best month to upgrade your business phone system.

#5- Pay nothing until April 2015.  Leaf financial is offering a 120-day deferred payment leasing option for customers that purchase a new office phone system by 12/31/14.

#4- Save Money with Section 179 Tax Deduction.  Instead of “deducting” qualifying equipment or software over time- according to a set depreciation schedule- Section 179 allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price during the first tax year- that’s a 35% savings in the first tax year!  You can lease or purchase a PBX phone system and still deduct 100% of the full purchase price, but you must hurry- section 179 is set to expire at midnight on 12/31/14.

#3- Potential Price Increases in 2015.  A new year brings new prices for most equipment, software, warranties and maintenance.  Don’t risk paying more than you have to.

#2- Special Promotions are Expiring.  Don’t miss the opportunity to get FREE Cisco or Toshiba phones!  Our free phones promotions are set to expire 12/31/14.

And the number one reason is…

#1- Your Competition is Doing It.  Do not let the competition upstage you with their fancy IP phone system features like conference bridging, call center software, call logging, unified messaging, IM and chat and so much more.  THESE ARE AFFORDABLE FEATURES available to ANY size or type of business.

There is no excuse to put off upgrading your telecommunications phone system solution this December.  Call ACC Telecom today for a free consultation and site survey!

Happy Holidays!

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