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How Can Your Business Benefit From a Virtual Private Network?

virtual private network

We’re here this week with another tool you can use to protect your network, and that’s a virtual private network (VPN).

These days, network security is a huge part of what affects the success of your business.  We talk a lot about network security–and for good reason.  A simple and hard-to-stop malware attack could disable your entire operation, making it extremely difficult for your business to move forward.  That’s why it’s incredibly important for you to take every precaution possible.  We’re here this week with another tool you can use to protect your network, and that’s a virtual private network (VPN).  Read on to learn about it, and to see how one can help your business.

What is a VPN?


A virtual private network provides a way for your business to operate with secure connections and safety.  It’s a secure way to connect to your company’s network from any device, from anywhere, at any time.  When data travels between locations, it makes it vulnerable to hackers, who can snatch it and steal your information easily and quickly without you noticing.  A VPN can essentially encase your data as it travels, making in bullet proof to hackers, so important information stays safe and secure.  You can access everything on the company network, so you don’t need to be in your office in order to work efficiently.


How can it benefit you?


You can easily customize your VPN so that only certain users can access specific information.  That way, only your HR staff will have easy access to social security numbers and other sensitive information about employees.  This keeps your network simple and efficient.  Another great benefit is the remote access of your network.  Have you ever worked from home, only to realize that specific files are trapped on your office desktop?  That problem disappears when you use a VPN.  All of your information can be access remotely, and it’s extremely secure.  There’s no need to worry about working from home, or from another office location, which is one less stressful thing you need to worry about.


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