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Unfortunately, the dangers of the internet reach far and wide–it’s not difficult for those with ill intentions to damage your network.

Network security may seem like a vague concept to many people.  It covers a broad range of problems, and your business may be plagued with many of them.  Unfortunately, the dangers of the internet reach far and wide–it’s not difficult for those with ill intentions to damage your network.  Since your network is such a large part of your business, it’s important to keep it safe and secure.  Luckily, that’s where network security comes in.  But what is network security?  Let’s explore the basics.

The Threats

Threats to your network come in many forms such as spyware, adware, malware, ransomware, viruses, etc..  Malware and viruses are perhaps the most prevalent threats; they can attack your computer through very simple means, such as clicking the wrong link or downloading the wrong program.  Therefore, these are spread very easily, and sometimes find their ways across the entire network rather than just one computer.  Hackers are also an issue.  These are usually individuals who are interested in gaining the personal information stored on your network.  They will use mediums like spyware or zero-day attacks to hack into your network, and from there, they can access all the same information that you can.  With so many risks, it’s clear that protection for your network is desperately needed regardless of the size or scope of your business.


The Protection

Network security is made up of hardware and software that actively works to protect your network from attacks like those listed above.  Firewalls and antiviruses are used to protect against malware and viruses; there is also the option of anti-spyware, which keeps your network safe from identity theft.  Another important aspect of network security is a virtual private network, or VPN, which can provide secure remote access.  Intrusion prevention systems, or IPS, work actively to protect you from quick attacks, like zero-day attacks.  When everything is working together, network security becomes simple, and your network is protected from most threats.  A business is even more at risk, because there are legal complications that come with network-based identity theft.  This can cost you unnecessary money and time, which is never a good thing.  Keep your business running efficiently and quickly with network security.


ACC Telecom can work with you to achieve a secure network today!

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