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What Are the Differences and Similarities Between Cat5E and Cat6 Cables?

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Deciding which cable to use for your network depends on many factors, and it’s important to know the differences and similarities between the different types.

In terms of low-voltage networking cables, you have quite a few options to choose from.  Deciding which cable to use for your network depends on many factors, and it’s important to know the differences and similarities between the different types.  Two of these cables, Cat5E and Cat6, are used to connect computers and servers to modems and ISPs.  You may recognize them as “ethernet cables”; both of them use the same port to connect devices.  So, what’s the difference?  Which one should you choose?  Read on to find out.

Cat5E Cabling


Cat5E became the standard over a decade ago, and offered higher speeds than its predecessor, the Cat5.  Its speed can reach up to 1BG/s at 100 meters.  While it may be at risk for crosstalk, this is usually only due to poor cable installation.  Crosstalk is when cables interfere with one another due to electromagnet issues; this can lead to lost data and more network errors.  Despite its frequency, there are many other cabling options to consider when setting up your network.


Cat6 Cabling


The main difference between these two cables is the fact that Cat6’s ability to transmit data severely decreases after a certain distance.  After 164 feet, it’s speed of 10GB/s drops dramatically.  For a higher cost, it’s possible this cable’s speed can go down to that of a Cat5E cable.  The Cat5A is the most recent iteration of these cables, and it boasts construction that uses a thicker plastic; this, theoretically, reduces crosstalk.  A Cat6A can transmit 10BG/s for up to 328 feet.  


Which should you choose?


This entirely depends on the size of your business.  A smaller business or a home-run business can use Cat5E cables and not notice a difference in efficiency.  It’s also more affordable.  But for larger businesses, a Cat6 or Cat6A cable is probably worth the extra money.  The speed of your network is especially important when operating a business.


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