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Conference calls can only be simplified using the right elements. Otherwise, the call will be a mess of cables, programs, and equipment.

Pretty much everyone knows  what a conference call is.  They’ve existed for quite some time, now; and while many people are familiar with what the term means, they aren’t sure what it entails.  Conference calls can only be simplified using the right elements.  Otherwise, the call will be a mess of cables, programs, and equipment–this will only delay the call, costing you funds and precious time.  So, how can you make a conference call easier?  Read on to find out!

Why do you need conference calls?


First, let’s address the reason for conference calls in the first place.  As your business grows, keeping in touch with clients and customers becomes a vital part of your everyday life.  At first, this is simple, and merely requires a meeting date and time.  But, as your business grows, it will become more and more difficult to have meetings somewhere relevant and convenient.  You may be required to meet with clients who live on the other side of the country.  A conference call makes it so that you can use your VoIP phone system to connect to multiple people at once.  That way, in-person meetings can be cut down, and you can save time and money.


Have a plan ready.


Diving blind into a conference call is not the way to go.  You’ll just appear unprofessional, even though the meeting won’t be in person.  It’s important to send out an itinerary to all members of the call beforehand, in order to make sure there won’t be any distractions or questions that will be addressed later in the call.  Also, if you’re using video and audio, be sure to dress the part of a businessperson!  Though you are not meeting face-to-face, a lack of professional dress will imply to your customers that you aren’t prepared or invested.


Choose the right equipment.


ACC Telecom can give you affordable, useful ways to aid in your conference call.  These days, there are many technologies that can help make this process a lot easier.  Whichever you choose, the equipment you use for your video conference call should be up-to-date and superbly functional–ACC Telecom can give you that.  Our solutions include: video conferencing, Wi-Fi/wireless access points, Polycom conference room phones, and conference bridges.  If you’re unsure of what you should invest in, or you don’t know what your business really needs, call ACC Telecom for a survey of your business.


ACC Telecom can bring you great conference call equipment to make the process simple!


We offer voice and data security services that are reliable, simple, and affordable.  ACC Telecom is certain to be the right telecommunications company for businesses everywhere. We have been providing expert service and advice since 1979 and can meet all of your telecommunications needs. We offer a wide range of business phone and video surveillance systems to meet the needs of any organization.  We have been helping build the future of communications for business all across Maryland, DC, and Northern VA.


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