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Business SMS Text Messaging

“Change is inevitable. Except from a vending machine.”
–Robert C. Gallagher

It’s time to consider a change to your communications by implementing a Business SMS Text Messaging solution.  Allowing customers to text your business will not only set you apart from the competition but will help create long-lasting customer relationships.

Texting is easier, more convenient, and quicker than any other forms of communications today.   It’s also the most used data service in the world.  Usage is not limited by age, economics or geographic location (Nielsen, Pew Internet Reseach).  Adults over 55 years of age are sending and receiving 16+ text messages a day (Experian Marketing Services).  Texting is as much a part of the consumer market as it is to social and personal communications.

ACC’s Business SMS solution provides a unified approach to communicating by utilizing your existing business phone numbers for both voice calls and text messaging.

Business SMS Q&A


Why should I implement an SMS service?
Texting provides a simpler, better customer experience for providing quick answers or updates such as payment confirmations, product availability, shipping alerts, and scheduling appointments.  Data shows that more than half of consumers would prefer texting with customer support over other methods (eWeek).

How does your SMS solution work?
It’s simple—customers text your existing business phone numbers.  The text is converted into an email.  Your business responds to the email, which is converted back as a text message to the sender.

Additional ACC Business SMS solutions include SMS A.I. Auto-responder Bots, Contact Center SMS integration, and Outbound IVR SMS blasts.  Click here for more information about our SMS services.

What is the cost?
Pricing starts at $4.95/month per phone number for unlimited inbound SMS/MMS messages and 500 outbound SMS messages.

What if my phone numbers are with a different carrier?
We can port (transfer) the SMS portion of phone numbers without impacting your calling services.  Any phone number, with the exception of wireless numbers, are eligible for this solution.

Does this service support MMS (picture & video) messaging?
Yes!  MMS messaging is supported on inbound messages.   MMS messaging is widely used by service companies for quoting purposes.  For example, a local landscaper has clients text pictures of their yards for service estimates– eliminating costly (and frustrating) travel time.

How do other businesses use Business SMS?
Businesses use our SMS services for appointment scheduling, customer service & support, pricing information/quotes, daily specials, hours of operation, shipping status, payment questions, and so much more.  The possibilities are endless.

Can I allow texting on my toll-free numbers too?
Yes!  Customers can text your toll-free numbers, main business phone numbers, and DIDs (direct dial phone numbers).

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