Business person sending a sms text message from phone.

Toll-free Number Messaging Verification

As of January 31, 2024, any unregistered toll-free number that attempts to send SMS / MMS messages will be blocked.  This means that any number that is not verified will have its traffic blocked, even if the number is ‘pending’ verification status.

How to Avoid Toll-free Messaging Blocks

Register your toll-free numbers using the toll-free messaging verification form.

Toll-free number verification also provides the toll-free messaging aggregators with relevant service information to reduce the likelihood of false positive filtering and wrongful spam blocks.  Click here to learn more about toll-free messaging verification.

Learn More About the Toll-Free Messaging Verification Process

The toll-free number verification process qualifies messaging traffic to be verified and compliant with downstream peers.  Learn more and review FAQs regarding the toll-free number messaging verification process.


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