Unified Communications, also known as UC, combines multiple applications into one platform to increase productivity and efficiency.  UC applications include teleconferencing, web conferencing, messaging, and presence. Integrated technology transforms normal desktop computers and business phones to simulated communications platforms. Having all means of electronic communication readily available to your employees in a single enterprise can positively affect your business in a number of ways.

How Unified Communications (UC) Increases Employee Efficiency


Unified Communications Client for CoreNexa Hosted PBX

  1. Improved Communication

Unified Communications heightens business communications by bringing all accessible modalities and devices into a single interface. Users can seamlessly switch between instant messaging / chat functions, video conferencing, and teleconferencing in order to clarify and better enable interactions while using this integrated technology.

  1. Better Cooperation Amongst Any Organization

UC incorporates video and web collaboration platforms where clients, coworkers, and business partners can work jointly using these cutting edge data sharing devices. Ideas, documents, and data can be shared smoothly and easily. Unified Communications makes collaboration have no boundaries and makes virtual teamwork highly effective.

  1. The Integration of Business Processes

Unified Communications expands integration of data and all of the various communication applications. This ensures continuity across every single business process involved in your company and can help increase productivity. While using the UC interface, users can access any and all business software, including applications like CRM, ERP, and other reporting and data management utilities.  

  1. Enhancing Access Is Key

Unified Communications operates across a vast number of communication devices–and simultaneously on up to three devices per user–which grants users unparalleled access to system data. It allows you to connect to the organization’s internal network via wireless on your laptop, home computer, PDA, or netbook. It makes sure that all messages, email, and other communications can be accessed in the proper format.   


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