Can Your Small Business Take Advantage of Call Routing?

If you are looking to improve your small business’s ability to provide customer service this year, then you should consider the merits of call routing.

If you are looking to improve your small business’s ability to provide customer service this year, then you should consider the merits of call routing. We’ve discussed call routing before, but it could always use a second look. This system makes it easier to answer calls, and the Auto Attendant will help you avoid any missed calls. So you must ask yourself, how can your small business take advantage of it?

Preventing Missed Calls

One of the surest ways to annoy customers is not answering the phone when they call. However, it is important to note that this situation can happen to anybody, and it is not always the fault of the person picking up the other end. For instance, meetings with other colleagues or clients could keep you away from your desk longer than you anticipate. With call routing in place, you and your employees can answer a phone call no matter when it comes, or where you might be. The calls will be sent from your work phone to a personal cell phone number, home phone number, or another phone you can access if you are away on a business trip.

Increasing Convenience

Even though you want to do your best and answer whenever a customer calls, sometimes you have no other option but to let the call go to voicemail. However, once the call has been saved to voicemail, you have several choices for what to do next, such as voicemail transcription. Call routing can automatically send a call to voicemail, in case you are ever unable to leave a critical meeting to answer an incoming call. Just remember to have an Auto Attendant configured to greet each caller cheerfully and direct them to the person they are calling with a minimum of frustration.

Accounting for Time Differences

We understand that you might have customers and clients who live in other states or even in other countries. As such, time differences will be a challenge that needs to be addressed. Another way call routing helps is to deal with different time zones. Enabling an after-hours Auto Attendant or after-hours on-call answering service can prevent customer frustrations no matter where they reside.  

Setting a Schedule

In today’s business world, we often feel the need to work overtime, at the cost of spending time with our friends and family or even getting enough rest. One last way call routing can help is by redirecting calls during off hours. You can enable multiple auto attendants with various call routing schedules and ring groups so calls are never missed.  

Call Routing Solutions from ACC Telecom

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