How Can Voicemail Transcription Help Your Small Business?

Small businesses can’t afford to lose track of information they collect from their customers. That’s where voicemail transcription can help make a difference.

When you own or operate a small business, you want to be sure you take advantage of as many technological innovations as you can. Unfortunately, as time has passed and technology has improved, a physical office space has become less prominent. Assistance comes in the form of digital programs rather than an actual person. However, small businesses can’t afford to lose track of information they collect from their customers. That’s where voicemail transcription can help make a difference.

What does voicemail transcription do? It is also known as voice-to-text, and it converts the audio version of your voicemail into a text file that can sent through email, but apps or SMS text messages are other options you have for transmitting a transcribed voicemail.   

Improves Your Availability

Even in a small business, meetings will be a fact of life. Small business owners will often need to confer with their employees to pass along information regarding the state of the company, or what needs to be accomplished during that week. As such, listening to voicemails might not always be possible. Voicemail transcription can make this less of an issue, however. When a voicemail transcription system is in place, you can screen critical calls from the high volume of less important calls you are bound to receive every day.

Also, voicemail transcription is immensely beneficial to your overall efficiency. It’s an incredible time-saver, as you don’t need to navigate through multiple prompts and automated options or listen to each message individually.

More User-Friendly

For any small business, time is of the essence. Essential information such as client names, phone numbers, and street addresses can be pulled from each call. Everyone is human, and accidents happen, but the unintentional deletion of a crucial call can be catastrophic. Luckily, voicemail transcription programs can help prevent this disaster. The transcribed version of the incoming call serves as a saved backup. Because it is so user-friendly, reorganizing your recorded voicemails becomes more straightforward and less time-consuming, as does searching for and retrieving the next recorded call, or deleting records that are no longer necessary.

Easier Access

We understand that remote work is another element of small business operation that can boost workflow for both you and your employees alike. A smartphone with an email function is all you need to access your transcribed voicemails when you are away from your desk or away from the office entirely. When you enable this functionality on your smartphone, you can also choose to receive new voicemail transcriptions as a text message. Whether you are on the move, in a meeting, waiting at the airport, or in an noisy setting, you can scan through your voicemails at your convenience.

Ensures Discretion

One of the most critical factors in conducting business is ensuring discretion. Protecting confidential information can improve your company’s reputation. Because the transcription is done by a program instead of a human operator, no one else needs to know the contents of the call.

Consider the Merits of Voicemail Transcription Upgrades from ACC Telecom

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