Could Your Small Business Benefit from SD-WAN?

Helping your small business grow means staying at the forefront of contemporary technology. SD-WAN is increasing in popularity, so perhaps your small business could benefit from using it.

Helping your small business grow means to stay at the forefront of contemporary technology. SD-WAN is increasing in popularity, so perhaps your small business could benefit from using it.

What Is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is an acronym that stands for software-defined wide area network. It combines two types of business networks. The first is known as a software-defined network, intended for use in data centers that specialize in cloud computing. The second is the wide area network, which makes use of a network that stretches beyond your organization’s internal systems of networks.

Types of SD-WAN

Router and Firewall: Routers and firewalls are integral parts of your business. Every business, no matter how small, should implement a firewall to help prevent hacking, viruses, Trojans and the like infiltrating your network. Integrating SD-WAN functionality will help you streamline software and security updates of all of your locations by taking advantage of cloud technology.   There are many aspects of SD-WAN, but this type of SD-WAN is known as a load balancer, cloud-managed, or simply dashboard. This option is the most affordable and could be the easiest way for your company to begin using this technology.

VPN: Some of the SD-WAN technology will also qualify as a VPN, or Virtual Private Network. They operate much like standard routers and firewalls since both technologies make heavy use of the cloud, so if you have been reluctant to start using cloud management for your business, now could be the time to start.

You’ll also find that VPN solutions give you enhanced security options along with other techniques such as compression. If you are worried about lag or other issues affecting the fidelity of your connection, then there are ways to resolve those problems as well. Firewalls keep intruders out, but they might not be able to do anything about packet loss or jitter, but with a VPN, then it is more likely you can improve your network’s performance. However, this setup could interfere with your use of a VoIP phone service, offers less affordability, and could require you to deactivate your firewall so you can establish a VPN instead.

Cloud Optimization: Ultimately, SD-WAN solutions can help you take advantage of the cloud. One way it can do this is through cloud optimization. Visibility, control, and security are three factors that you need to account for when attempting to complete the cloud optimization process. For added protection against hackers and other unintended users, we recommend coupling your SD-WAN with cybersecurity software.

Choose SD-WAN Solutions from ACC Telecom

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