What Do You Need to Know About VoIP Phones?

Before switching your business phone system over to VoIP there are some things you need to know about VoIP phones.

Before switching your business phone system over to VoIP there are some things you need to know about VoIP phones.

Display Screens

The most basic type of screen, known as a grayscale screen, will at a minimum display the name and number of the caller, along with the ability to scan emails or private chat messages if such features are enabled. There are a variety of VoIP phones that you can choose from various manufacturers.  Some VoIP phones are very basic to be used in the employee lounge or common area to advanced IP phones that offer video calling, downloadable APPs, Internet browser, cameras, and more.

Programmable Keypads

Programmable keypads are another critical part of VoIP phones. Not only will you find the conventional keypad that you would see on most ordinary desk phones, but there are also customizable keys that can be programmed as shortcuts for special VoIP functions. Having the ability to customize your VoIP phone will help increase your efficiency and productivity. More advanced models include touchscreen capabilities just as you would find on your smartphone or tablet.

Necessary Software

In order to incorporate VoIP phones into your current office telephone system, you’ll need to deploy compatible VoIP software such as a cloud based phone system or IP PBX server with SIP Trunks. Voicemail, call forwarding, and call routing are some standard features that VoIP software supports.


Whether you prefer to use a handset or a headset, VoIP phones can operate as hands-free units and most IP phones now support Bluetooth and HD voice.

Signal Transmission

The most important part of how VoIP phones operate is the signal transmission. The phone will use specialized software known as audio codecs to ensure the clearest signal. The codecs help improve call quality, especially when measured by sound quality and call stability. However, that’s not all they can do. For instance, VoIP phones can also use the IP networks already configured for your business. The network protocol that is used most often in this setup is the SIP or Session Initiation Protocol.

Consider VoIP Phones from ACC Telecom

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