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3 Great Reasons to Use Cisco Jabber

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With Cisco Jabber, you can perform just about every type of communication through one streamlined system, allowing your business to rise above the rest and take charge.

Communication in today’s business world can be difficult.  You may be reaching all over the globe for clients or partners.  Not to mention, it seems as though there’s a new application every day that claims to help you communicate.  Rarely do you see a functional, specified system that covers all the bases and works well with businesses.  Cisco Jabber does the job.  With Cisco Jabber, you can perform just about every type of communication through one streamlined system, allowing your business to rise above the rest and take charge.  Read on to discover why Cisco Jabber leads among business communication systems.

1. Enterprise Instant Messaging


In today’s world, we need instant verification to move forward.  It is becoming more and more obsolete to call, leave a message, and wait for a response.  Across various social media platforms, instant messaging has been assimilated into their site interface.  Your business will need that instant connection in order to keep up with the fast-moving industry.  With Cisco Jabber, you can create your own personal list of contacts, harbor a group chat for your workers, and keep a logged history of your conversations for future reference.


2. Screen Sharing


It is surprisingly difficult to find an acceptable program to use when you want to share your screen.  This means that you’ll be broadcasting what you see on your own screen to whomever you choose.  Imagine the possibility for meetings with those around the globe; with Cisco Jabber, you can display a clear image of your screen and even control other desktops connected to your own.


3. Microsoft Outlook


Cisco Jabber is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook, including all versions dating back to 2010.  You’ll be able to save your chat history to your computer this way, as well as send these histories to other people on your Jabber network.  You can do just about any kind of file sharing you need to do, without switching programs.  There won’t be any messy managing of confusing file-reading errors.  It’s all compatible, and it’s all connected.


If you need more assistance using this technology, call ACC Telecom today.


We understand that technology isn’t easy for everyone.  But that shouldn’t mean your business needs to fall behind–we’re more than ready to help you with your needs regarding Cisco Jabber.


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