How Does Your Small Business Utilize CPaaS?

Does your small business currently make use of CPaaS?

Does your small business currently make use of CPaaS? Although it sounds complicated, it stands for Communication Platform as a Service. If one of your company’s resolutions for the new year was to boost customer service capabilities, then you should consider the merits of using CPaaS.

What Does CPaaS Mean?

In 2015, the market for such a service was relatively small. In fact, it started out at around $400 million. However, by the time 2019 arrives, it is expected to be booming, as it will be worth more than $8 billion by then. Thanks to rapid growth, CPaaS is becoming far more visible and viable. This service combines voice communications with that of video, along with technology for sending and receiving messages and collaborating with remote colleagues. Various apps, websites, and work timetables can be upgraded through this service. After all, it provides a significant boost to your business’s unified communications.

How Can It Benefit You?

One of the most significant ways CPaaS benefits you is by vastly enhancing your ability to provide customer service on the spot without needing to keep your callers on hold for too long.

  • Improved Interactions with Customers: Any questions can be answered more promptly, with much less confusion and frustration in the process.
  • Increasing Your Reputation: Part of what enables a small business to succeed is positive buzz and good word-of-mouth from their clients and customers. CPaaS allows you to enhance your reputation by keeping everyone you serve and assist that much happier, especially since they are more willing to recommend your company to their friends and family.
  • More straightforward integration: What carriers do you use? What is your current business model and setup for your communications solutions? In any case, you won’t need expensive upgrades or take the time to overhaul your existing systems.
  • Work More Efficiently: Whenever you have multiple calls or messages awaiting your attention, you can use CPaaS to respond all at once through the use of the built-in notification functions.

How to Use It

Engage Customers: If customers have any questions while searching your website, engaging them through a click-to-call video chat or instant messaging could be one useful way to keep them from losing interest in what you have to offer them. They might also have questions about their online accounts that you can answer, along with questions about payment and taking delivery.

Automate Password Requests: It’s only human to forget a password. Through CPaaS, you can help make the password reset or recovery process less frustrating. Using password authentication proves their identity and can turn away potentially unauthorized users.

Verify Appointments and Deliveries: Your small business might thrive on booking appointments with your customers, clients, patrons, and patients. CPaaS can help remind visitors when their meeting is happening, and also notify when they should expect their latest delivery to arrive on their doorstep.

Communication Solutions from ACC Telecom

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