4 Ways that IP Phone Systems can Enhance Your Business

Utilizing IP phone systems will provide business continuity features to ensure your calls will always be answered, as well as provide feature-rich applications to enhance your communications.

Many businesses will attest that their phone system is one of the most critical aspects of their organization. Unanswered calls or outdated communication features could cost your business a new customer or disappoint current clients.  Utilizing an IP phone system will provide business continuity features to ensure your calls will always be answered, as well as provide feature-rich applications to enhance your communications.

Disaster Recovery

Carrier outages, power outages and system failures can cost your business hundreds if not thousands of dollars in lost revenue. IP phone systems with SIP Trunks provide business continuity features so when your power or phone lines go down, calls are automatically routed to a pre-designated source, such as a cellular phone number, outside number, or a group of cell phones.

Busy Signal Eliminator

Nobody likes to receive a busy signal ‐ a whopping 75% of customers have admitted to calling the competition after receiving a busy signal.  IP phone systems with SIP Trunks will provide temporary virtual phone lines to allow additional calls to come through as needed, thus eliminating the dreaded busy signal.

Assigning Virtual Numbers

During the summer, it is far more likely that your employees will be out of the office more frequently. Whether they are traveling to attend development conferences, working remotely, or taking some well-deserved time off for a vacation, your workers will need to have virtual numbers available. By using IP phone systems to assign virtual numbers, it ensures that no calls will be misdirected to the wrong person. Virtual numbers offer advanced call routing options such as ring group routing, time frame routing, conference hub routing, company directory routing, and so much more. This helps cut down on confusion and frustration that may affect a customer’s perception of your company’s organization.

Using Auto-Attendants

One feature that IP phone systems and VoIP systems have in common is the auto-attendant. Setting up an auto-attendant allows your other employees to focus on completing their other tasks without the need to stay by the desk phone or be distracted when it starts to ring. Depending on when the call comes in, where the call originated from, and who the caller is, different settings can be used to route the call.

Facilitating Video Calls

In some cases it is helpful to initiate a video call or video conference to connect your customer service team with customers. Most VoIP and IP phone systems alike provide inherent video calling capabilities so you do not need to purchase additional hardware or software to facilitate a video conference.  Some IP phone systems like the 3CX even provide webRTC video conferencing with video recording options and screen/document sharing. This is a great resource for your customer service team to use to help walk customers through purchasing a product on your website, for example, because there are no downloads or plug-ins to start the video conference.  Customer service simply shares a URL with the customer that initiates a private video conferencing session.

Expanding Unified Communications

Without VoIP functionality, your unified communications (UC) system cannot reach its full potential. Whether you need to transcribe a voicemail into an email or text message, fax via your desktop, or facilitate a group video conference, installing an IP phone system and enabling VoIP features will allow you to take advantage of all that unified communications has to offer.

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