How Can Softphone Clients Boost Your Business?

Softphones, also known as softphone clients, can form the basis of an optimized phone system to boost your business.

No matter how large your business is, it can always grow larger. Part of helping a business thrive is by seeking out the best phone systems. Softphones, also known as softphone clients, can form the basis of an optimized phone system to boost your business. Here are some reasons to consider using softphone clients to help your company grow; all you need is a robust connection to the internet and a reliable IP phone system.

Fewer Hardware Issues

Because softphone clients work over the internet, and are compatible with IP phones, you will not have as many hardware issues to overcome. Using an on-premise phone system can demand a significant investment of effort and equipment needs. Every single employee would need a phone set up at their desk, and the more employees you hire, the more phones you will need. Instead, minimize this particular cost of growth by switching to softphones and softphone clients. With some computer programs and a headset, you can arrange a softphone system that is far more efficient. There is no need to crowd desks with wires and other physical components. However, this solution does still allow for hard phones to be used, especially if a landline is still the preferred phone system.  

Lower Overall Costs

Another benefit of utilizing softphone clients is the lower overall costs associated with this solution. The first noticeable cost reduction will appear on your company’s telephone bills. Choosing softphones is a smart choice if your business frequently needs to place long distance calls. Long distance calls on a landline can be expensive. But by using the internet to handle phone calls, these calls can be made less expensive. Using a softphone to make international calls, rather than your cell phone will also help save money because you are essentially calling through the on-site PBX system to place the call using the company’s calling rates, rather than cellular rates.

Increased Employee Workflow

Improving employee workflow is yet another benefit of using softphone clients for your business’s telephony needs. Remote or mobile employees can efficiently stay in touch with coworkers and clients by installing the softphone software on laptops or tablets.  With features such as extension dialing, company directory, voicemail, chat and presence, employees will be accessible anytime, anywhere. Another way employees can enhance their productivity is by multitasking – the headset leaves their hands free to take notes as they speak with customers, so they can find pertinent information more quickly and provide better assistance. Increased productivity is of particular importance in call centers, where employees take calls from customers in high volumes every single day, and greater efficiency enables them to work faster and smarter.     

Sophisticated Features and Functions

With softphone clients, you can expect several modern features and functions. Along with voicemail capabilities, chat, presence, conferencing, call holding, and call transfer, video conferencing is also possible. Ultimately, staying current with the newest available technology is what is most important when choosing which softphone clients to use.  

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