What's New in Telecom, Part 2

What else is new in telecom? Consider the merits of unified communications, integration of data and video, and WebRTC technology.

You may remember how several weeks ago, we previously answered the question “what’s new in telecom?” However, we’ve only managed to scratch the surface. The field of telecommunications, is continually advancing and expanding, with a wide array of technologies always becoming available to smaller businesses. Consider the merits of unified communications, integration of data and video, and WebRTC technology.

Unified Communications

Benefits for the Company: When it comes to selecting your new unified communications platform, you should consider what best fits your company’s needs. Not only will internal and external communication methods become more efficient, but small businesses will be able to aggregate queries from customers and respond to them much faster. UC relies on the cloud to streamline and fundamentally unify all of the tasks employees need to complete, which both enhances their productivity and vastly improves their efficiency in providing customer service.   

Benefits for the Employees: Mobility is becoming even more important for workers and businesses alike. The office desk is more likely to be a mobile device used while at the local coffee shop, in a home office, or while waiting at the airport. PBX phone systems and hosted phone systems greatly facilitate how unified communications can keep everyone linked no matter where they are in the world.

Data/Video Integration

Video Calling: Video calling may already be familiar to you due to programs such as Skype or FaceTime. However, another option is video calling using a compatible video IP phone on your business IP phone system. This integrated solution facilitates any face-to-face meeting no matter how far you are from a client or coworker, meaning that subtle cues in voice and body language are easier to discern. When speaking to customers, being able to better gauge their reactions can improve the overall quality of service your employees can give them.  

Video Conferencing/Web Collaboration: There is an old saying that goes something like “many hands make light work”. Through video calling and video conferencing, you can collaborate with faraway partners, clients, and customers. Thus, you can stay on schedule when it comes to looming project deadlines, check on in how something is progressing, use it for training purposes and uphold any agendas you outlined for your latest meeting, whether it is virtual or in-person.

Some tips for facilitating the use of video calling or video conferencing within your workforce or your customer base include:


  • Try using built-in cameras on smartphones.
  • Experiment with Video IP Phones.
  • Make use of webcams on computers, laptops or tablets.


WebRTC Technology

What It Is: RTC stands for real-time communications. It monitors the extensions in all web browsers and tries to stabilize them, providing a solution whenever existing resources are overtaxed.

How It Works: It integrates voice functions with video and peer-to-peer sharing. It does this through getUserMedia, enabling the web browser to access the camera and microphone built into a computer; peerConnection, which provides the audio/video calling component; and DataChannels, which makes sharing data between users that much quicker.  

The 3CX phone system‘s WebMeeting is one example of Web & Video Conferencing with built on WebRTC technology.

Consider ACC Telecom for Your Business Phone System and Other Telecommunication Needs!

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