What Are Some Tips for Video Conferencing Etiquette?

It’s vital to learn how to exhibit professional and efficient video conferencing skills for your small business.

The conference call is a critical element of collaborating with business partners, vendors, and sometimes, even customers. However, just like a face-to-face meeting or a normal phone call, there is a set of etiquette rules that should be followed. So, it’s vital to learn how to exhibit professional and efficient video conferencing skills for your small business.

Respect Everyone’s Time

First of all, remember that everyone’s time is valuable. Part of proper video conferencing etiquette is keeping track of the time. During the scheduling phase, you should outline how long each segment of the call should take, and then stay true to those limits. Keep an eye on the clock, and don’t let it take too long.

Define an Agenda

Next, define an agenda for the meeting. Even though you are conducting this meeting via video conferencing technology, you should still treat it as an in-person meeting. Who will lead the call? What is the purpose of the video conference? What objectives were you trying to achieve or questions were you supposed to answer by the time the video conference ends? These are all vital questions to answer when preparing for your next video conference.

Make the Proper Introductions

Part of sticking to your agenda is to make the proper introductions. It is important to introduce all participants to one another and reiterate the purpose of the meeting. During a video conference, it is much easier to associate names with faces and read body language. Also, when everyone knows the names of the other participants, it can help reduce awkwardness and allow the video conference to run more smoothly.

Share the Screen

Even as powerful and versatile as video conferencing is, it still has some limitations. When you are referring to a specific document, it’s easy to have handouts or a slideshow presentation ready to indicate what you are talking about; however, as convenient as those items are for an in-person meeting, they won’t work as well during a virtual conference. A screen sharing application can make it easier for everyone involved.

Use Unified Communications

Unified communications contribute enormous advantages for any small business. Small businesses need to be more efficient, primarily because they don’t have the almost limitless resources that larger companies have at their disposal. Thus, unified communications can assist with video conferencing etiquette. UC can facilitate your video conferencing needs, as such, presence is a valuable UC feature that indicates to your colleagues who are not in on the call that you can’t be interrupted at the moment unless it is for a good reason.

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