toshiba national accounts program

An efficient, high quality service is necessary for your business to run at optimal speed. And Toshiba’s National Accounts Program can help you do that.

Expanding your business nationally is a great accomplishment.  But one of the obstacles you’ll face comes in the form of accommodating your phone line with your added locations.  Communication is probably the most important part of keeping your business up and running; without reliable connections, it will be extremely difficult to stay on top of not only your client load, but also your employees.  An efficient, high quality service is necessary for your business to run at optimal speed.  And Toshiba’s National Accounts Program can help you do that.  With unified communications being so important in today’s business world, it’s absolutely necessary you team up with the best service you possibly can.  Here’s why the National Accounts Program is right for you.

The Amazing Benefits

Toshiba is already offering an amazing communications service, but they don’t stop there; so many benefits have been added to truly optimize your business’ experience in regards to communications.  Not only will you have centralized billing, but you’ll also enjoy no down payments and flexible financing.  So, if you’re worried about monetary means, Toshiba has you covered.  Toshiba products last, on average, as long as 50-70 years.  But in case you run into an unlikely issue, Toshiba offers up to a 7 year warranty.  They also pride themselves on consistency and reliability.  Toshiba is a company you can truly trust.  You’ll be in good, caring hands with the National Accounts Program.  To qualify, your business only needs more than one office location.

Part of a Great, Innovative Service

Toshiba is not just offering plenty of benefits; they are also welcoming you into their family with the National Accounts Program.  You’ll have a direct relationship with Toshiba America Information Systems, and a Nationwide Dealer Network with up to 800 sales and service centers across the nation.  In this network, there are over 5,000 qualified technicians to help you with any service, and any issue you may have.  There’s a single point of contact, which means you won’t be transferred around to find a solution to your problem or someone to answer your inquiry.  Your business is important to Toshiba, and they make it very clear that you’ll be part of their family.

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