Holiday Messaging Tips

Maintain High Message Deliverability During Busy Retail Holidays

Girl texting on her smartphone with virtual computers and networks in the background. Signifies texting a business- using business SMS- and unified communications.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner and we want to ensure that your messages will be delivered effectively without delay.  Though our upstream carriers have taken steps to ensure they can support the large volume of traffic expected, analyst are forecasting an unprecedented quantity of business messaging this holiday season.

Please review the following best practices to see which steps you can take to maintain high deliverability during these busy retail holidays.

High Volume Messaging Dates:

  • Black Friday- November 24, 2023
  • Cyber Monday- November 27, 2023

Peak Sending Times:

  • Peak sending times are expected to be 9 AM EST – 3 PM EST.
  • It is recommended to send messages before or after peak times to help with deliverability.

Verification & Compliancy:


  • All business phone numbers that send one or more text messages must be properly registered for 10DLC.  We cannot remediate blocking on unregistered 10DLC numbers.
  • Send within your campaign’s sending limits.  For example, if you chose the Low Volume Mix campaign, then you can send up to 15,000 messages per month (limited to 75 messages per minute).  Should you max out your account level rate limit, you will receive a ‘429 – Too Many Requests’ error message.
    • Register your numbers here.
    • 10DLC FAQs can be found here.

Toll-Free Messaging

  • All toll-free numbers should be verified prior to sending messages during the holiday season.  We cannot remediate blocking on unverified toll-free numbers.
  • Toll-free verification applications are currently taking several weeks to process, so please submit your verification form ASAP.
    • Complete the verification form here.
    • Toll-free messaging FAQs can be found here.


  • Send messages using supported files types only.
  • The most widely supported attachment types are JPEG, PNG, & GIF images.
    • Various files types are supported; however, deliverability isn’t guaranteed since downstream carriers and handsets may have limitations on what types of files they accept.
    • Note: PDF is not supported by iMessage.
  • Stay under the recommended file size (500 KB).
    • Though some carriers allow larger files, due to differences in handsets, files types, and transcoding, we recommended you send attachments no larger than 500KB to ensure the best chance of delivery.

Should you run into issues with your traffic, please open a ticket with our Support department.

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