Want to schedule conference calls and engage in meetings from your cell phone remotely without your clients ever knowing the difference? A Hosted PBX makes all of this possible and more!

Want to schedule conference calls and engage in meetings remotely without your clients ever knowing the difference? A Hosted PBX makes all of this possible and more!

Business telecom technology is continuously advancing, and it can be difficult for business owners to wrap their heads around the most advanced and beneficial practices. While more and more businesses are recognizing the undeniable benefits of business VoIP phone systems and cloud-based services, some have yet to grasp the importance of utilizing a Quality of Service (QoS) Router in the Hosted PBX environment. Let’s talk more about how your business stands to benefit from a QoS router.

What is Hosted PBX?

A Hosted PBX is a cloud-based phone system that is operated and maintained by your VoIP service provider. This advanced technology dramatically improves and enhances business communication, as it allows employees to access their business phone system remotely. This means that your employees have the ability to speak to clients, set up conference calls, utilize an automated attendant, redirect calls to various departments, and so much more- all from the comfort of their home, cell phone, landline, hotel, or any other location where they happened to be doing business. A Hosted PBX can save you money on costly telephone equipment while keeping your business and clients fully connected, increasing efficiency and performance.

What is QoS Router and Why is it Important?

Quality of Service (QoS) management is one of the greatest challenges posed by cloud applications in terms of availability and reliability. Without a QoS-capable switch or router, all of the traffic on your network will be sent as it is received, resulting in busy bandwidth, lagging performance, and interfering traffic with no differentiation between voice and video data.

A QoS router, like the Peplink Routers, makes it possible to prioritize different types of traffic for applications (i.e.- recognizing when important voice calls takes priority over other data traffic). This eliminates the network competition between video and voice traffic for bandwidth. QoS routers are the best solution for any business with a cloud-based phone system that wants to minimize poor call performance and various inconsistencies. After all, why utilize a cloud-based phone system if you don’t want to ensure that your voice data is always delivered in a crystal clear fashion?

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