Girl texting on her smartphone with virtual computers and networks in the background. Signifies texting a business- using business SMS- and unified communications.

Endless prompts, long hold times, department transfers and multiple explanations leave customers frustrated, angry, and (gasp!) ready to contact the competition.  In our digital age, customers expect fast, easy support and customer service.

The tired model of calling a company for assistance is just not fair to the customer. They expect to receive quick service and support and want to be able to reach you however it benefits them.

Business SMS texting messaging is not a new solution by any means, but it is a relatively untapped area of communication that most businesses are still not deploying. Not all business SMS text messaging solutions are created equally, and there are various types available depending on how you want to communicate (i.e.- marketing campaigns, inbound support, directory assistance, auto-responders, etc.).

The Data

FranchiseHelp’s research concludes that 90% of leads would rather receive a text message than a phone call, and 90% of SMS messages are read within the first three minutes–compared to 90 minutes for email (  As millennials continue to dominant the workplace they prefer working for–and with companies that offer a text messaging service.  According to Mobile Marketing Watch, 75% of all millennials would rather communicate via text about appointments, scheduling, support, deliveries, coupons, and the like.

Business SMS for Customer Service

Businesses can create stickier customers by offering Business SMS services on their business phone numbers–not some random 5-digit code.  So not only can a customer call your main business phone number, toll-free numbers, and direct dial numbers, but they can text message any of these numbers as well.  Customers can include pictures in their text messages to receive support or quotes from service-related industries.

ACC Offers 4 types of Business SMS Service

  1. Omni-channel Contact Center Software– Integrate Business SMS into your contact center for real-time text messaging communications with customers.  ACD SMS routes SMS messages to the right agents the first time, and offers advanced SMS reporting.
  2. SMS to Email- Customers can text your main business phone numbers, toll-free numbers or DIDs.  Text & picture messages are delivered in email format.  When you company replies to that email, messages are converted as a text message back to the customer.
  3. SMS Keyword Responder Bot- Allows users to program automatic replies in response to incoming SMS messages. To do this the Bot works by responding to keywords. Upon receiving an SMS message with a recognized keyword, the Responder Bot will send an automatic reply with a pre-configured message.
  4. Cloud Phone System-  Send and receive text messages directly from your cloud-based phone system interface, including your mobile app and desktop extension.  Super convenient and easy to use.

Business SMS service doesn’t have to break the bank.  ACC Telecom offers affordable Business SMS solutions starting at only $4.95/month per phone number.  Click here to learn more about ACC’s Business SMS services.


When you’re ready to implement a Business SMS solution, contact ACC Telecom for affordable options. ACC Telecom is the foremost provider of VoIP phone systems and associated applications such as Business SMS.  Since 1979, they have kept up-to-date with the latest technology to ensure effective communications. Their customer support team offers perks such as a free help desk, 24/7 emergency service, and a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. Learn more on their website and call (410) 955-0101 to discuss your hotel’s needs.

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