Updated 3/20/2020

3CX is the perfect remote teleworking solution.  Read below to find out more.

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The 3CX phone system is hands down the most competitive phone system in the world–and other manufacturers are scrambling to keep up. 

3CX raised the bar once again by lowering prices and adding new, free features including: 

  • Website plug-in for chat & talk capabilities
  • Corporate chat functions with file sharing
  • Video and web conferencing w/ audio dial-in 
  • Transcribed voicemails and call recordings & more

All 3CX users are always eligible for newly added features simple by upgrading their software to the latest version.  Did we mention that software upgrades are free too?

It’s easy to see why 3CX is used all over the world by small businesses and enterprises alike including McDonald’s, Boeing, American Express, and Harley Davidson.

Interested in learning more?  Check out our Top 10 Reasons why 3CX is the #1 Phone System in the world.




3 Years Free or Free for Life
3CX’s Standard package is 100% FREE for three (3) years, or if you have around 15 users– you could be eligible to receive the 3CX Standard edition for free for life.   
Don’t be fooled by the term ‘standard’– as 3CX’s Standard package is nothing less than dynamic.  3CX standard package includes a free website plug-in for chat and talk capabilities, free video, web & audio conferencing for up to 25 participants, mobile apps, internal chat w/ presence and so much more.  You’ll get all of these features and more FREE for an entire year– or forever.

Annual Pricing Example:
· A 50-user company would only pay $595/year, with the first 3 years of 3CX software completely free.
· A company with around 15 users may be eligible to receive the 3CX free for life.


Available On-premise or in the Cloud
The choice is yours!  Since 3CX is software-based, you’ll decide where you want to house the 3CX– at your premise, in the cloud, or in a virtual server environment. 
Want ACC to host the 3CX for you in the cloud?  You got it!
Want to put the 3CX on a physical server in your office?  Sure!
Want to host the 3CX yourself in your own virtual server environment? No problem!


Mobile Apps for iOS, Android, & Windows
We’ve never come across a more stable, robust, and full-featured PBX mobile app in our 40+ years in the telecom industry.  3CX’s mobile application for iOS, Android & Windows provides all of the essential call management features while going above and beyond with access to call recordings, one-click to launch or schedule video, web and/or audio conferences, access call queues and wallboards, personalization, group chat with file sharing, presence, and so much more–all from your computer, smartphone, laptop, or tablet.
3CX PBX system Mobile Apps for iOS, Android, & Windows

3CX Mobile Apps for iOS, Android, & Windows


New Live Chat & Talk Website Plug-in
Take your customer service to the next level with 3CX’s FREE Live Chat & Talk plug-in.  Simply download the complimentary WordPress plug-in or add code to your website to enable a live chat box with calling capabilities!  Elevate your chat to a phone call without switching to the PSTN after chatting.  Agents can answer chat right from their web client so there is no need to learn or use multiple systems.  Live Chat & Talk was recently launched so expect more features to be added soon!
3CX Live Chat and Talk

3CX Live Chat & Talk Website Plug-in– Included for No Extra Cost


Transcribed Call Recordings & Voicemails

Call recording is an essential feature for both quality assurance and compliance.  3CX now stores all call data in a database to allow users to transcribe the first minute of each call recording for greater searchability.  Now users can store recordings on a remote NAS or Google Drive, easing phone system management.  

Using Google’s Speech API key, 3CX has added the ability to transcribe your voicemail messages to text messages.  3CX users can either receive the text as an email or view the messages in their 3CX web client under the voicemail tab.


Free Video & Web Conferencing with Audio Dial-in
There is no need to pay for expensive web meeting services.  3CX Video and WebMeeting application provides advanced features such as video, chat, recording, screen sharing, whiteboard, polls, and more, and is FREE for up to 250 participants. 
3CX’s WebMeeting application was built using Google’s revolutionary WebRTC technology so there are no downloads or plug-ins needed.  Simply click a link to access a meeting on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.
IP business phone system with integrated Video Conferencing showing users video chatting in Columbia, MD, Washington DC, Baltimore MD and Reston, VA

3CX Web & Video Conferencing Solution is free for up to 250 participants with the 3CX Enterprise package.


Full Outlook 365 Integration
3CX now uses the latest Office API which means you can use it with any Office 365 subscription starting with the low-cost business essentials package.  Users are synced automatically so if you add or delete users on 365, it will reflect that change with 3CX.  Additionally, the Calendar Sync feature automatically changes the presence status of users based on their Outlook calendar.


CRM Integration

3CX offers seamless CRM integration with a variety of CRM systems including Salesforce, Zendesk, Zoho, Freshdesk, Microsoft, and more.  3CX CRM integration includes features such as automatic call logging & journaling, new contact creation, call pops, click-to-call and/or in-built dialers, voicemail ticket creation, call tags and categories based on queues, and so much more.


Contact Center

Deploy a state-of-the-art call center for a fraction of the cost with 3CX’s advanced Contact Center software.  Features include skills-based routing, call recording, CRM integration, website plug-in for live chat & talk, live call management (listen live, whisper, barge), advanced call reporting, and call-back-in queue (CBIQ).

3CX Call center software wallboard screenshot Columbia, Maryland

3CX Call Center Wallboard


Inbuilt Security & Failover

As hackers become more sophisticated, so does 3CX security.  3CX’s new Global Protection System automatically populates your blacklist with known hacker IDs discovered by other 3CX systems worldwide.  All 3CX components and license modules are always updated with the latest version and Admins can lock down their management console by IP.  All traffic including voice is encrypted and SSLs are automatically generated and managed by 3CX.  3CX has received an A+ rating from SSL lab.

3CX’s inbuilt failover offers automatic failover capabilities and automatic back-up and restore.


Interested in Learning More?

Interested in learning more about 3CX and how it can save your company hundreds to thousands of dollars each year?  Contact ACC Telecom for your complimentary consultation, demo, and price quote.  


ACC Telecom is an advanced certified, 3CX Titanium Partner based in Columbia, Maryland, USA.  For over 40 years, ACC Telecom has provided business telecommunications solutions including digital and Hosted PBX, IP PBX systems and software, VoIP/SIP Trunking, IP surveillance cameras, cabling, overhead paging, mass notifications systems, Carrier services, and much more.  ACC offers on-site service and support and provides a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for all of our products and services.


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