What Is a Cloud Telephony Solution?


Cloud Phone System with online portal, mobile app, and other compatible devices.


Understanding Virtual Business Telecom Services

Understanding virtual technology and how the cloud manifests itself into business operations and communications can be quite daunting. If you don’t understand the full meaning of certain buzzwords like Cloud PBX, Hosted PBX or Unified Communications (UC) then you are likely unaware of the cost-effective benefits involved with Hosted UC services.

In an increasingly mobile world, it should come as no surprise that there is a global industry trend towards cloud-based services.  Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a cloud-based delivery model that includes video conferencing, web collaboration tools, voice, messaging, email, vFax, data sharing, and other business mobility applications.

How Can Virtual Cloud Telephony Services Help My Business?

Still wasting funds on costly travel to conduct business meetings? Need to transfer a call seamlessly from your cell phone back to the office? Worried that poor customer service management is going to cost you your business?  Then UCaaS is your solution. Features like unified messaging (UM), video conferencing, CRM integration, mobile apps, and other UC services can radically improve business operations.


What Is a Cloud PBX?

A Cloud PBX is a cloud-based telephone system that is operated and maintained by your VoIP service provider. This advanced technology dramatically improves and enhances business communication, as it allows employees to access their business phone system remotely. This means that your employees have the ability to speak to clients, set up conference calls, utilize an automated attendant, redirect calls to various departments, and so much more all from the comfort of their home, cell phone, landline, hotel, or any other location where they happened to be doing business.

A Cloud PBX can save you money on costly telephone equipment while keeping your business and clients fully connected, increasing efficiency and performance.



glossary of Unified Communications terms for cloud pbx
Glossary of Cloud UC Terms

At ACC Telecom, we can help you create a cutting edge UCaaS strategy or hybrid implementation for your business that will increase productivity, efficiency, improve customer service, increase profits, and minimize capital costs.

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